Trick to adjust the audio of your AirPods or Beats on iPhone — 2022

Historically, Apple has always been and is a company that cares about how its users listen to music. In fact, one of the company's most iconic products, the iPod, was a real revolution. However, and as usual at Apple, they have never left the door open to personalizing music through their headphones, so today we want to tell you how you can adapt the music you listen to through your AirPods or Beats. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Natively there is no equalizer

Apple invests a lot of time in being able to offer the best possible sound through its different devices, this is the reason why the Cupertino company does not give the user the possibility, through an equalizer, to modify certain parameters to personalize the sound, something that other companies like Sony or Bose do allow through their different headphones.

AirPods Pro

Although there is no equalizer as such, within the iPhone Settings there is a way to further customize the sound that comes out of the headphones, specifically through the AirPods and some Beats models. However, this is, for many, insufficient due to the existing need for users to want to modify different parameters to further personalize the sound they hear. Manufacturers like Sony or Bose already give users of their headphones the possibility, through an equalizer, to be able to customize the sound they emit to their liking. Something that, we repeat again, the Cupertino company, at least natively, does not give the possibility of carrying out.

Available sound settings for AirPods and Beats

Although there is no equalizer, Apple does give the possibility that the sound you hear through your AirPods or Beats is something more personalized for the user. But once again, they have all the control, you, as a user, cannot modify a single parameter. We are going to see the steps that you have to follow if you want to use this function that Apple offers through the iPhone Settings, yes, for this you will have to put on the headphones.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Click Accessibility.
  3. Tap Audio/Visual and then Headphone Settings.
  4. Activate the Headphone Settings option.

customize AirPods Pro

At this point there are several options that you have on the table to customize and modify the sound that comes out and is emitted through your headphones to your liking. We emphasize again that these options are only available for certain models of Beats and AirPods. First of all, you can make use of the Custom Audio Settings that will allow you to improve and adapt certain sound parameters to yourself, we will talk about it in depth later. You will also be able to modify the audio based on the parameters you want, from Balanced Tone to Sharpness, passing through Voice Range. Finally, another point that you can also customize is the sound of the leves. But all this has been a summary, later in this post we will explain everything in depth.

Natively, this is Apple's way of giving you the ability to customize the sound you hear through your headphones. This is due to the enormous efforts that the Cupertino company makes so that the sound provided by its devices provides the best possible audio experience for the user. In fact, the AirPods Pro are capable of adapting the sound they emit depending on the user and the shape of their ear, something similar to what the HomePod does, which is capable of recognizing everything around it and modifying the way it listens. which emits the sound based on it.

Custom audio settings

We start with the first avenue available to you to customize your headset's audio settings. As we mentioned before, in order to access this configuration you have to follow the following steps on your iPhone and with the headphones on.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Click Accessibility.
  3. Tap Audio/Visual and then Headphone Settings.
  4. Activate the Headphone Settings option.
  5. Click Custom Audio Settings.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Take into account the recommendations that they indicate to you so that the configuration is as optimal as possible and click Continue.
  8. Follow the steps on the screen to modify and adjust the audio to your preferences.

Custom audio setup 1

This configuration is based on the choice of different audio options that the iPhone itself throws at you to see what type of sound you like the most and thus modify it if you finally choose to use the personalized audio configuration. In addition, at the end of this configuration you can also modify the ambient mode, something that we will talk about next.

Custom audio setup 2

Customize ambient mode

Undoubtedly, the great novelty that the AirPods Pro brought was noise cancellation, but along with this great advance in Apple headphones, the Cupertino company vitaminized these headphones with ambient mode, which after all what it does it's amplifying everything around you so you don't have to take your AirPods Pro off to talk to someone on the go or in the office.

ambient mode

Well, another point that you can customize in the Custom Audio Settings is the ambient mode. Apple gives you three parameters that you can modify to your liking. The most important of all is the amplification since in this way you can amplify the ambient sound that the headphones are introducing into your ear and you can hear everything much better. We recommend that you try it because it is really amazing. The other two settings that you can modify are, on the one hand, the balance of the ambient mode, that is, if you want it to be heard more through one headphone than the other, and on the other hand, the tone, which can range from a more diffuse tone to a lighter shade.

Parameters you can modify

In addition to being able to make use of the custom audio settings, as we have mentioned before, there are also other parameters that Apple allows you to adjust to your liking. First of all, you can modify the audio that comes out of the headphones depending on whether you want to put more emphasis on a balanced tone, on the range of the voice or on the clarity of the sound. In this case you have to know that the optimization of the balanced tone will provide more power at a range of frequencies.

Custom audio settings

You can also modify the slight sounds, being able to amplify them slightly, moderately or strongly. Finally, after having modified these settings, you have the possibility to check the final result if you need to exit the settings, you just have to click on Play sample. Finally, you have the option to apply these adjustments and modifications in three different points, the phone, the multimedia content and the ambient sound mode.

Custom Audio Settings 2