Travel to space with Apple TV +: all the news that premieres today — 2022

A new Friday, the apple streaming platform arrives with new releases. Among the highlights that can be seen today on Apple TV + we find the return of a mythical series already on the service and that is the second season of For All Humanity. That and other premieres, we tell you everything in this article so you don't miss anything. Get popcorn!

The space race returns to Apple TV +

Theapple tv+ astronaut seriesit's back. Also known as For All Makind by its original name, For All Humanity returns with a vengeance with the broadcast of the first episode of its second season. If you haven't seen the first one, we remind you that it is still available on the platform. Every week new episodes will be released every Friday, thus being able to enjoy that dystopia that the production poses in the face of a space race that the Soviets are fictionally leading over the Americans.

The chills continue with Servant

One of the star series of Apple TV + and that has already passed the equator of its second season. Servant has already broadcast a new episode entitled Express in which Dorothy tries to negotiate a rather shady exchange that puts her sanity in check again. Mystery and psychological fear go hand in hand for another week for 26 intense minutes that, as always, will be little known to the most staunch fans of M. Night Shyamalan's creation.

Apple TV+ Series Servant

Penultimate chapter of Losing Alice

The scene. This is the title of the seventh and penultimate episode of the Israeli series Losing Alice on the Apple platform. In this 56 minute long episode we can witness Alice's jealousy and her strange feeling directing a love scene between her husband and Sophie. The story is getting more and more interesting and if there was someone who hadn't been hooked, this episode will be one more climax to do so with.

1x04 Losing Alice

Dickinson about to close season

Like the previous one, theseries dedicated to writer Emily Dickinsonis about to close its second season with the broadcast of the ninth chapter of this batch, which is already the nineteenth of the series. Entitled I like to see the agony, we can enjoy for 33 minutes an episode in which a very relevant political event shakes up Emily and the rest of the characters today. A silver brooch (the gold one will be next week) to a series that is gaining more and more followers.

Dickinson 2x06

Don't miss a thing on Apple TV+

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