Translating a text will not be a problem with these apps — 2022

If you are thinking of going to another country on vacation, surely one of your greatest fears is being able to communicate in a totally different language with local people. this fear can almost completely disappear since you will only need to carry your iPhone or iPad in your hand and one of the translation applications that we are going to discuss in this article.

Important things to keep in mind

Whether you are traveling or want to learn a new language, there are applications that can help you to be able to understand yourself anywhere in the world . These are apps that translate text or sound in real time, so you can have conversations without wasting time.

In order for these applications to work briefly and can be useful, they have to have some concrete things. One of them is that it must have the option of listening to how to say the words or phrases in another language. Another point in favor is that it allows you to take photos or scan photos through images. It is important that these applications have an audio option, to be able to record audio and translate it instantly.

Ideal apps for translating on iPhone or iPad

Obviously learning languages ​​must be one of our priorities, with English being one of the basic languages ​​that we must know. But unfortunately with English we cannot speak to everyone. For example, in China or Japan it is rare to find people who speak English on the street so we must resort to a series of applications with which to defend ourselves. In addition to traveling, these apps will also be used for your language classes and also to translate some texts or emails that are important to you and that you do not fully understand.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator Microsoft Translator Descargar QR-Code Microsoft Translator Developer: Microsoft Corporation

With the Microsoft translator you won't have any problem when traveling, since in addition to being a conventional translator it will allow us to have conversations with another person. We will simply have to talk to the phone so that it translates what we are saying, and focus on the other person so that they answer the phone and translate it for us. In this way, maintaining a conversation between several people is a very simple task.

Thanks to the variety of options it offers, you will be able to translate in different ways, depending on the one that suits you best at each moment or situation. You can also use it without an Internet connection, translate texts from photos and screenshots. It has a book of expressions for different languages ​​so you can use expressions correctly.

iTranslate Translator

iTranslate Translator iTranslate Translator Descargar QR-Code iTranslate Translator Developer: iTranslate

Translate in more than 100 languages, being able to listen to all the translations in different voices. You will find a section dedicated to phrases from a specific country that do not have a literal translation. In its premium version you can use the camera to translate menus or signs instantly, the conversation mode or offline translations.

If you are one of those who use the translator on a regular basis, with iTranslate you can save languages ​​or expressions in favorites so that you don't have to look for it every time you use it. It has an application for Apple Watch, so you can use it directly from your watch. Thanks to its notifications you can translate from the lock screen.

Google translator

Google translator

Google translator Google translator Descargar QR-Code Google translator Developer: Google LLC

It is the most used application worldwide both on mobile devices and in the web version. It includes more than 108 languages ​​to translate with the possibility of offline translations, conversations, photos and even handwriting using the camera.

You can save languages, phrases or expressions in favorites so you don't have to repeat them every time. It also allows you to translate phrases both by audio and by photographs, something to keep in mind if you go on a trip and need help with the language. In addition to being able to use the camera to translate instantly, you can import photos and translate them later.

speak and translate

speak and translate

Speak and Translate - Translator Speak and Translate - Translator Descargar QR-Code Speak and Translate - Translator Developer: Apalon Apps

This application stands out when it comes to conducting conversations in two languages. Thanks to its instant translation, you can maintain a fluid conversation between two people by focusing the voice on the iPhone. There is a wide variety of languages ​​that are available.

It has an application for Apple Watch, in addition to being able to take photos so that it translates the text of the image at the moment. One of the strengths of this app is that your history is saved in iCloud, so you can have it at hand on all your devices at the same time. It has two versions, one free and one paid, with which the advantages are extended.

Professional translator

Professional translator

Professional translator Professional translator Descargar QR-Code Professional translator Developer: Translation AB

Translate texts from more than 50 languages ​​instantly. It includes 300 professionally translated sentences that you can access offline. If you want to listen to the translations, as a measure to improve your personal pronunciation, you will have to resort to paying the monthly subscription.

A simple and comfortable application that does not have much mystery and is easy to use. Thanks to its phrasebook, you will be able to learn set phrases of the language you want. Translate texts, however long they may be, in a matter of minutes. In the settings you can change the voice to choose the one you like best.

Translator – translate now

Translator - translate now

Translator - Translate Now Translator - Translate Now Descargar QR-Code Translator - Translate Now Developer: Wzp Solutions Lda

Thanks to augmented reality and your iPhone's camera, you will be able to know how some objects are said in other languages. You simply have to focus on them and they will be recognized and translated. It has a subscription that can be weekly, monthly or annual. With this paid version you will have access to all the advantages of the app.

Thanks to its application for FaceTime you will be able to translate calls in real time, and you will also be able to create your own book of expressions and phrases that you use the most, which you will have available offline to consult when you need it. It has an application for Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone, so you will always have your devices in sync.

camera translator

camera translator

Camera Translator: Translate Camera Translator: Translate Descargar QR-Code Camera Translator: Translate Developer: Vulcan Labs Company Limited

It is a translation application very focused on the iPhone camera. Focus on a poster or a menu of a restaurant so that the text translated into the language you want is superimposed at the moment. More than 100 translation languages ​​are available. You will not need to take a photo, simply focusing on what you want to translate is enough.

With this application you won't have to preselect the language, but it detects it on its own and translates it to the one you ask for. You can also listen to the translations to learn how to say it in that language. You will be able to copy the translated text and copy it to any other application.

Voice translator

voice translator

Translator of voice, text, photos Translator of voice, text, photos Descargar QR-Code Translator of voice, text, photos Developer: BPMobile

Communicate with anyone by eliminating language barriers. More than 100 languages ​​are always at hand online or offline so you can have an iPhone conversation with your iPhone or iPad in between.

Thanks to the simultaneous translation you will be able to have a conversation in any country without problems. It gives the possibility of translating from audio to text, from audio to audio or from text to audio, whatever you need at any time and in any situation. You can also modify the speed of the audio.

Translate Immediate

Translate Immediate - Transliter Translate Immediate - Transliter Descargar QR-Code Translate Immediate - Transliter Developer: App Heroes A.S.

It is one of the most complete applications that we can find to translate in many different situations. It integrates perfectly with the keyboard to be able to translate the messages received from WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook or Twitter.

A good option for those who move around a lot and need an immediate translator. It is very easy to use and it will hardly take long to know how to use it. Its simple interface helps you not to get lost in strange menus. It has more than 100 languages ​​available to translate anything.

Which one are we left with?

Google is always a good option to have as header translator. Being from a company known and used by many users, you will have no problem learning to use it. It is one of the apps that has the most languages ​​to translate, in addition to having all the options that we have mentioned above.

Both the Google translator application and its web version are the most used on the entire planet. They are easy to use, and the fact that you can use the camera to translate posters and photos is one of the strengths of this app. It is of great help if you are in a foreign country and do not speak the local language.

And you, what application do you use as a translator on your iPhone or iPad?