Transfer data, photos, videos, contacts and more from Android to iOS — 2022

If you're here, it's probably because you just got an iPhone. We don't know if this is the first time you have an iOS device, but if so, don't worry. At first it may seem very different from the green android, but in reality it is all more similar than it may seem at first glance. To make your experience more positive, you can transfer your data from Android to iPhone in a really simple and without installing third-party apps. How? Keep reading, we'll tell you.

Using the Apple app on Android

In the following sections we will see the steps to follow for one of the simplest methods of transferring data from one operating system to another. It is not the only one, something that we will also see in another section of this article, but it is a very effective and quick way to do it without complicating yourself with third-party applications that do not always work in the best way.

First step, download Move to iOS on the Android

Google has a multitude of apps on iOS devices, but curiously, Apple hardly has any apps and one of these few is Move to iOS. This application has the sole purpose of allowing us to transfer all our data from an Android device to an iPhone. It will do so in a simple way, more or less quickly depending on the size of the transferred files and, above all, without the need to resort to third-party applications of doubtful trust. You can find the application in the Google Play Store, either by searching for it by name or from the link that we leave you below. It should be noted that it is totally free . Once you have it downloaded, do not open it, as we recommend doing it later when it is time to transfer the data.

Move to iOS Descargar QR-Code Move to iOS Developer: Apple

Launch iPhone setup

Once the aforementioned app has been downloaded to your Android device, you must start with the initial configuration of the iPhone. If you had already configured this device You will not be able to carry out the procedure, so you will have two options: go to the next block of this article in which we explain other methods or go to Settings> General> Reset and click on Erase content and settings to return to leaving the iPhone as when it was you took out of the box. We especially recommend the latter to be able to follow the guide, although if you already had many configured settings, it is understandable that you will be a little suspicious of having to restore the device.

The iPhone will suggest transferring data

In the initial configuration of the iPhone you will have to establish certain settings that will already be saved, such as the case of language, internet connection and more. Once you've gone through those previous settings you'll come to a point called Apps and data , which is precisely what interests us at this time. In this there are several options to transfer data: from a copy of iCloud, from iTunes, the possibility of starting the iPhone as if it were new and transfer data from android .

transfer data android to ios

Obviously it will be that last option that you will have to choose and once you do it you will see that a message appears on the screen. code. This will be essential later, so we recommend that you do not remove this screen and memorize it or write it down on a piece of paper so that you do not forget. At that time you can open the app on Android and accept the terms and conditions of it. Once you have done this the screen will will ask for a code which is none other than the one that appeared on the iPhone and that will serve to create a link between the iOS and Android equipment.

On the iPhone you will find different options regarding your data, being able to choose what you want to transfer and what not (you can also choose everything): contacts, photos, videos... In the event that you have chosen precisely the photos and videos you will notice that the The process takes a little longer because it will require passing a lot of data from one device to another, so we recommend being patient. The iPhone will notify you when the process is complete and you can continue with the configuration of the device with the data that you wanted to transfer from your old phone.

Most common failures of Move to iOS

As a general rule, failures do not usually occur in the application to transfer files and data, however, you could experience certain slowness . This is fundamentally due to what we mentioned earlier in reference to the amount of data, since the more there are, the slower the process will be. It also interferes with this having a good internet connection and no cuts . If the process has been paused or has ended unsuccessfully, we recommend that you check the connection of both terminals, it being recommended that they are on a WiFi network and that it is always the same. If you are having cuts and the connection is lost at times, you should contact your telephone company to check if there is any fault in your router or in the internet supply in your area.

Disable Wi-Fi iPhone iOS

Another very common fault can be caused by not having enough battery . Obviously, if either of the two phones is turned off, the process will be completely finished without success and it is more than likely that you will have to start over. However, the problem can come even when both have a battery, but its level is below a certain percentage. Therefore, a piece of advice that you can put into practice is to have both devices connected to the charger until the data transfer is complete.

Can data be transferred manually?

The answer to this question is yes. There are many ways to manually transfer files from Android to iPhone. Some of these methods require tedious processes that can take hours and others simply depend on an application. What we are going to show you is the process recommended by Apple itself on its website.

Tenorshare WhatsApp Transfer

We start with one of the best, if not the best application to transfer all WhatsApp information to other devices. We are talking about Tenorshare WhatsApp Transfer, an app that offers a very intuitive design so you don't have any problems when transferring your conversations, photos, videos and other files to another device. It works both between Android devices, iPhone and transfer WhatsApp data between an iPhone and Android or vice versa.

Tenorshare interface

Among the functions it offers to make a difference, say that Tenorshare WhatsApp Transfer it also makes backup copies for you to store all the data on your PC or laptop, which is perfect to have the peace of mind that all your data is stored safely.

Descargar Tenorshare WhatsApp Transfer

Android-iPhone connection via computer

This method consists of connecting the Android device to a computer and once this is done, access its internal folders to search for everything related to the files. One of the most popular files that are usually transferred are photos, and these are located in a folder that, as a general rule, is named DCIM. It should be noted that there is an application that greatly speeds up these steps if you have a Mac, it is called Android File Transfer and you can download it by pressing here .

Once you've selected the photos, videos, and other files you want to transfer to your new iPhone, you'll need to copy them to a new folder on your computer. It does not matter what names this folder is and where you place it, since in principle it will only serve as an intermediate step in the process. Once you have this folder ready you can connect the iPhone to the computer.

If you're on a Windows computer or a Mac running a version of macOS Mojave or earlier, you'll need to open iTunes and select the option sync the photos in the selected folder to your iPhone. It goes without saying that this folder must be the one in which you have saved your files. If the computer you have is a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, the process is practically the same except for the difference that instead of iTunes you will have to open Finder and select the iPhone on the left.

Using iCloud Drive

This is the name given to Apple's cloud storage service and, far from what you might think, it is also available on Android. Of course, it has to be via the web. The process that must be followed to pass files one to another by this means will be accessing iCloud web from the browser of your Android mobile. Once you do, you will need to sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Once you have done that you will be able to access iCloud Drive, where you can add your files manually, creating folders and organizing everything to your liking. Once it is uploaded, and having already configured the iPhone, you will have to open the Files app on it and access precisely the iCloud Drive tab, where you will find everything you uploaded from the Android. Of course, be patient if it does not come out, since it may take several minutes to synchronize.

app files iphone

With Google sync

If in Apple iCloud is the king of synchronization, in Android it is Google. Therefore, in a similar way to what we mentioned before, you will be able to synchronize your data between both devices because Google tools are fully available in iOS. To do this you must have data such as your contacts synchronized with your Google account, as well as photos and other data. You can also manually store as many files as you want in Google Drive.

Once you have it, you will need to go to the iPhone and do several things:

    For contacts:You must go to Settings> Contacts> Add account and choose your Google account there, then import your contacts so that you can see them from the iOS calendar app. For photos and videos:you have to download Google Photos on your iOS device from the App Store, sign in with your Google account and you will have all your memories. You can also transfer them to the native iPhone gallery from this application. For the rest of the files:If you added files to Google Drive, you only have to download this app on your iPhone, log in and you will access all the content. It should be noted that this app can be synchronized with the Files app and, in this way, transfer data from Google Drive to iCloud Drive more easily.

Other cloud storage services

Although we must say that the above are the most recommended methods for manual transfer because they are native to Apple and Google, the truth is that there are more alternatives. Any other digital storage system that has an Android and iOS application could be useful to you, following a method similar to the others in terms of adding files from Android and accessing them from the iPhone. In fact, most can be added to the Files app as well. Some of the best known are these:

  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • iDrive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • pCloud
  • Sync

Google Drive and clouds on iPhone

Of course, keep in mind that some of them may require a subscription fee to have more storage. In the same way that iCloud and Google can also ask you, since the free storage of all of these is limited.

There are programs that will help you

Keep in mind that there are many methods that exist as we have seen previously. In this case, in addition to the manual transfer or through the applications that can be found, you can also use an application on Mac or Windows to carry out the transfer. These third-party programs have a large number of tools that allow you to be very versatile with the device. In this case we show you some that we recommend.


In this case, Dr.Fone is without a doubt one of the most famous applications to be able to give numerous tools to the iOS or Android mobiles that you have. The operation is very simple, since you just have to connect the two devices to a computer, be it a Mac or a Windows. In this case you will simply have to choose the transfer tool. At this point, you will simply have to choose the files that you want to transfer between the two devices. The process can take a long time, depending on the information that ultimately needs to be transferred.

Access dr.fone


A really simple software, which, as its name suggests, is designed to make transfers between mobiles. The truth is that it covers a large number of operating systems, including iOS 5 or higher and also Android 2.1 or higher. It's really simple because you're just going to have to connect both devices, and at the end, with a single click, all the content that you've previously selected in the software will be transferred. Keep in mind that a priori this is a completely free program and from the same family as Dr.Fone. That is why it provides the greatest possible confidence when it comes to having to transfer all the necessary data between an iPhone and an Android.

Access MobileTrans