Train games and simulators for iPhone and for all ages — 2022

Are you passionate about trains? You can transfer this experience to your iPhone or iPad with different games that are adapted to different ages. From the smallest to the largest in the house, they can enjoy a railway experience with the different titles that can be found in the App Store. In this article we bring you the best train games we found.

train games for kids

There are many options that can be found in the App Store that are focused on children. In these train games we can see graphics that are more childish as well as a very simple gameplay to avoid overwhelming whoever is in front of the mobile or tablet. This makes them important options for entertainment and, above all, for learning, since many of these games can also offer different basic lessons that are really interesting.

Thomas and his friends

Thomas and his friends

This train game is based above all on racing since you will have to compete against another friendly train. You will carry yourself train named thomas that for some reason has a life of its own to give it a much closer touch for the little ones. Although, it is always emphasized that the races that are going to take place are friendly, avoiding the existence of a rivalry that can become toxic.

You can find the individual mode but also the online mode to compete with another player. Different special abilities are included in order to have a gale in order to get a speed booster and go much faster. In the end you must reach the end of the road before who you are 'competing' with.

Thomas and his friends: Thomas and his friends: Descargar QR-Code Thomas and his friends: Developer: Mattel, Inc.



Interactive adventure in which you must go along the tracks with Wilson, Brewster, Koko and Jackman. In short, it will seem that you are in front of a book as you tell a story, seeing how you turn page by page with the different 3D scenarios. You will have to read the story, complete the tests that you will have in front of you and use the skills to win the special medals.

Among the missions you can find the fact of catching the wagons that have been derailed, or going to rescue a mine tunnel that is about to collapse. In the end it is a story in which you are the protagonist and you must make your way as best you can.

Chaguipatrulla: To the rescue! ~Three Dimensional Book Chaguipatrulla: To the rescue! ~Three Dimensional Book Descargar QR-Code Chaguipatrulla: To the rescue! ~Three Dimensional Book Developer: StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Lola's Alphabet Train

lola train

This game is designed to be able to teach the little ones in the house who are just now beginning to learn to read or write. Through different mini-games you will be able to learn the alphabet as well as simple words of daily use. The most interesting thing of all is that words from 10 different languages ​​are included so that you can begin to raise awareness that languages ​​are important in life for the little ones.

Although, the magic of this game lies in the fact that the person who is playing it will not know that he is learning while he is playing. This is because the games that are presented are quite fun and can distract anyone. That is why it is important to take it into account whenever you have a minor at home.

Lola's Alphabet Train Lola's Alphabet Train Descargar QR-Code Lola's Alphabet Train Developer: BeiZ

Comomola the Western Train


In this game you must accompany Lou and his steam train through an incredible adventure in the Wild West. Throughout the game you will have to load and unload passengers and all kinds of merchandise at the different stations ahead of you. But obviously this is not the whole game since there are also different mini-games along the way, one of them being the fact of memorizing all the merchandise that you have to pick up at each of the stations.

In the train that you are directing you will go through different landscapes and settings from Arizona to Nebraska. On this path you will have a lot to explore, such as gold mines, control cranes or overcome the obstacles that lie ahead in order to continue your journey.

Comomola the Western Train Comomola the Western Train Descargar QR-Code Comomola the Western Train Developer: Comomola Studios S.L.

Other more simulation-style games

If you are not a kid, surely you demand games that are more realistic that are focused on the simulation of train driving. These are interesting options that any train enthusiast should take into account.

Subway Simulator 3

subway simulator 3

Get into the world of subway trains with this amazing simulation game. You will find more than 25 different train models where real and special trains made for different events are included. The level of the subway driver can be improved over time in order to unlock these new railways.

With your metro you will be able to go through different stations around the world where some of them will surely be familiar to you if you have traveled a lot. Obviously, during the entire route you are following, you must comply with all the driving rules and take care of your passengers so that they give you many more points at the end of a route, doing this by complying with the established arrival times.

Subway Simulator 3D - Trenes Subway Simulator 3D - Trenes Descargar QR-Code Subway Simulator 3D - Trenes Developer: Simulators Live, LLC

Train Rider

train riders

Travel throughout different countries you know with this train driving simulation game. Control the train, drive through different cities and try your hand at the controls of a train. The operation at the end is like the one you have in real life. Travel between the different stations and make travelers get on and off by opening and closing the doors.

In order to win the highest possible score, it is always important to take as many passengers as possible, comply with all traffic regulations and obviously comply with the agreed times. To do this, you will be able to control different parts of the control cabin in order to adjust the speed to what is established.

Driving Trains - Train Rider Driving Trains - Train Rider Descargar QR-Code Driving Trains - Train Rider Developer: Games 4 Teens

Off The Rails 3D

Off The Rails 3D

In this game you will have the pressure of a stopwatch running against you always to achieve your goals. That is why you should measure very well the time you spend on each of the journeys you make. That is why you will have to make an entire route with your train, always achieving the best possible time. This makes it an interesting option if you want to play in those down times you have.

While you are driving your train you will see a fuel marker appear at the top. This is consumed as you travel and is a real limiter on your way. You will have to learn to distribute it correctly, avoiding pressing the accelerator when you are on a downhill for example, and other tricks that you will discover yourself as you play.

Off the Rails 3D Off the Rails 3D Descargar QR-Code Off the Rails 3D Developer: Kwalee Ltd

Train Taxi

train taxi

You are in front of an esplanade that has a train line and obviously you will have to travel between all the stations to pick up the passengers. As more passengers you pick up the longer the train like is logic. Each of the maps you face is totally different and represents a new challenge for you that you must memorize.

Although, the real magic of this game lies in the fact that you should never collide with yourself. As we have commented, each one of the passengers increases the number of wagons and if you choose more the route at the end you will end up colliding with yourself . The experience you have is quite similar to the classic game 'Snake' where you should not eat your own snake body. This is the experience that they have now wanted to transfer to the world of trains.

Train Taxi Train Taxi Descargar QR-Code Train Taxi Developer: SayGames LLC

Which game is the most recommended?

There are many options that have been raised in the previous categories. If you want us to tell you which is, in our opinion, the funniest, that is the 'Lola's alphabet train. It is the most recommended option in the event that it is a game dedicated to children. The fact of learn just by playing and having fun It is something vital always. You have to be honest and it is that when you are young, what you always have in mind is to be in the street or play with the video game console and not pick up a book or listen to a lesson. That is why this 'camouflage' system to learn is more interesting and the truth is that it is very standardized in the gaming world with other options such as 'Minecraft' that has also been adapted to the education of the little ones.

train game

But if what you're really looking for is a so that it is much more realistic , the best option to consider is the Subway Simulator 3″. You can perfectly control a train that looks very authentic and travels around the world making many stops. This is to be thanked for all those people who are fond of the world of trains, since in addition to driving you have to be very aware of the weather and pick up all the passengers at their stops. In short, it is a realistic option that is a great turnaround to everything that has been presented in the more 'childish' options but that is still tremendously addictive.