Traditional watchmakers see Apple Watch as a 'danger' — 2022

According to a interesting report From the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, traditional watchmakers have been surprised by the adaptation of the Apple Watch and the fierce competition it is leading with traditional high-end watches. The manufacturers themselves claim to work to build watches that are a hybrid between conventional and smart watches in order to compete directly with the Apple smartwatch.

Hybrids between Apple Watch and traditional watches

With the arrival of smart watches and more specifically the. first Apple Watch in 2014, traditional watchmakers thought only mid-range brands would be affected by the new competition. The strategy of the high-end watch manufacturers focused on a different demographic segmentation but according to the latest reports that has changed and so have they suffer from the effects of the Apple watch.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 opens a gap with its competitors

According to analysts, there is still a very large demographic group of technology-averse consumers on their wrists and that they could be the potential buyers of the new type of watches that traditional watchmakers would be developing. This would be a hybrid between traditional and intelligent in order for them to be a gateway to a one hundred percent smart watch. More details about these new devices are unknown beyond the fact that they will follow the traditional aesthetics but that they will incorporate smart advanced features that until now they did not have.

The report also points to the gap that is opening the Apple Watch with its competitors following the launch of its latest model, theSeries 4. This fact is confirmed if we look at the latest news that tells us that the factory production of the Apple Watch Series 4is at full capacity.

Apple, leader in the watch industry

There is today an interesting variety of smartwatches sold by different brands, from large companies like Apple or Samsung until smaller companies who develop their watches trying to find a niche in a market where the dominant ones are those of the bitten apple.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a leader in the entire watch industry

Apple is not only a leader in the smartwatch sector, but can also boast that thanks to its Apple Watch is a leader in the entire watch sector . According to reports not even all units of traditional Swiss watches sold last Christmas outsold the Apple Watch. And that's not all, as Apple Watches are expected to keep growing until increase your sales by 40% in 2019 .

what do you think about this news? Would you agree to buy a hybrid watch between traditional and smart? Leave your opinion in the comments.