Track calls, WhatsApp messages, and more than one iPhone with this app — 2022

Do you have a child and want to control where they mess with their mobile, both iOS and Android? Or simply, do you have a company, and you want to know what your employees do with the company phone? So, the application that we are going to review today interests you. This is Spyzie , an app that you can find both in the App Store and in the Play Store , and that will allow you to track calls, WhatsApp messages and everything you can imagine from an iPhone. All its features can be found on its website.

On our YouTube channel you can find the corresponding video where Fernando Del Moral explains in detail all its functionalities and also in Android 5×1 (link Android 5×1) you can find the corresponding analysis.

Spyzie, the app that will keep you up to date on what is being done with an iPhone

This application has a specific audience for its features and how controversial it can be. It is basically intended for parents with children and who already have a phone or also for employers who want to know what each employee does with their company phone.

To make this review, we have done various tests with personal accounts, and we have seen how well it works, since records both calls and WhatsApp messages, as well as all the information that an iPhone stores day by day.

In the video, which you can find at the top, we show you the different parts of the app using a Demo account that the company offers to all users. We found the mobile version and also we can carry out the control in the web version.

Coming into matter, Spyzie we will find when entering a Dashboard where we will see the device information, recent calls and messages made. These options are the most interesting to have at first glance. As well as the location of that terminal.

But, if we display the menu that we find on the left side, we find more specific functionalities. Among these we see conversations that take place in iMessage, both outgoing and incoming messages. We can also have access to the call log, WhatsApp messages, contacts, reminders, calendar … and we can even see the applications that our son has installed on his iPhone, for example. In addition to also see the images that are on the reel made by the user, you can see the images that have come through the different applications, like WhatsApp.

As you can see, you can have access to all the information of a device. And to put you in a situation, imagine that you have a son and you give him a new iPhone. with this app we will be able to know exactly if you make any calls that you shouldn't, or have conversations with someone you don't know . And to all this is added everything mentioned above. Or, if you are an employer, you will be able to know if your employee is making good use of the terminal.

And Spyzie also has a web version

If you prefer to track through your computer screen, in you can find a web version of this application so that all the functionalities that we have at our fingertips on our iPhone We can also do it from our browser. When entering, we will have on the left side the possibility of choosing the terminal that we want to consult, so much Android What iOS .

To register, you can follow the tutorial offered by Spyzie on its website , both for iOS and for Android . The process is relatively simple. We simply have to choose the free plan for example, to test it and we will introduce the d data of the person who owns the phone and if the operating system is iOS or Android. If you choose iOS, you will have to sign in to iCloud. It is important to note that if you have two-step verification, you must deactivate it before registering. When you sign in to iCloud, the installation process is complete.

What is the price of Spyzie on iOS?

The monthly subscription price on Spyzie is $29.99 having access to all the features of the app as I show you below.

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