Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones for iOS Devices — 2022

The new users of the iPhone 7 have had to find a problem or difference that they were not used to before: There is NO Jack 3.5 input for headphones. Of course, a Lightning adapter comes in the box of the device so that we can use the normal headphones of a lifetime. But those from Cupertino hoped that users would jump into the world without cables offered by the iPhone 7.

Top 5 wireless headphones for those without a jack

So We bring you a Top 5 of the best headphones to listen to music, videos... on our iPhone 7 (or on any Bluetooth-enabled device). Here we go!!

1. AirPods

The AirPods, from Apple

What to tell you about the apple company's own wireless headphones. Apple may not have made the best headphones on the market. The truth. But its magnificent connectivity, whose headphones automatically connect to the iPhone as soon as the capsule that protects them is opened. said capsule, beautiful in design and extraordinary in its own autonomy , charge the headphones while we are not wearing them, to always have them at 100% performance. In design they are the same as the EarPods, the wired headphones that the brand already has in each device it sells, where a silver round has simply been added that allows connection to our device.

Its price? €179 , available from the website of Apple

2. Syllable D900MINI

Syllable D900MINI, the most affordable option

One of the most affordable options we can find on the market. With built-in microphone, allows you to answer the calls you receive on the phone . They can be easily connected to your smartphone. They are resistant to inclement weather, with the IP67 certificate (resistant to water and dust). They charge quite quickly, in about two hours. If you do not want to leave a pasture in the headphones, this is undoubtedly the best alternative.

You can buy them at Amazon , still at a good price.

3. Erato Audio Apollo 7

The Erato Audio Apollo 7, great sound quality

You have to decide first of all, They are expensive . Quite expensive. Its battery lasts at least three hours, and again you can charge them when you put them in the box . It must also be recognized that the headphones, as expensive as they are, have exquisite audio quality, one of the best on the market. Its many options make these headphones a great option, but for few pockets, although we guarantee that they are worth it.

They can be bought again from Amazon .

4. BeatsX

BeatsX, for athletes

These headphones from the prestigious Beats brand, linked to Apple, They have an autonomy of up to 8 hours . Fast Fuel mode gives you 2 hours of battery life with just a 5-minute charge! They are not entirely without cables, since they have ones that join both helmets, comfortable and easy to transport in your pocket. They are light and compact, and have connectivity similar to those of the AirPods, bringing them closer to your iPhone and they connect automatically. Then you can simultaneously connect them to your Apple Watch, iPad and Mac*. And thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Its price right now is at €149 from the website of Apple and is available in various colors.

5. JBL Synchros E50BT

JBL Synchros E50BT, get rid of annoying noises

If you prefer a large headset, which cancel the noise and cover your whole ears, a good product are these JBL headphones. His autonomy is brutal, 18 hours of non-stop audio. I know They recharge with a USB cable or using the auxiliary audio connection. Pure Bass and Signature Sound technology allow you to enjoy rich, deep quality sound. In other words, the bass will be heard stronger and better defined. The earmuffs fit perfectly to the ears allowing you to only listen to music, no noise.

They are about 109 euros in Media Markt , good quality/price.

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