Top 5 Best Alternatives to iCloud Photo Library — 2022

We often find ourselves with the problem of little free space on our iPhone, especially when it comes to terminals with a relatively low capacity, which is the case of 8 GB, 16 GB or even, for photography lovers, 32 GB. they may be little. As well as very limited space in our photo library of iCloud .

Alternatives to iCloud Photo Library

For this, there are alternatives with which you can free up space on your iPhone saving all your photos in the cloud, without losing their quality. Our iPhone has iCloud which, by default, offers us 5 GB of free storage, shared with backups, documents or mail. This storage is expandable up to 2TB by paying a monthly subscription.

If we don't want to pay for this iCloud service, we can opt for other alternatives that will offer us more storage for free. These alternatives are the following:

google photos

Google Photos

Quintessential Google application. One of the best known and used by countless users. Available both in web version and for all mobile devices, accessing from our Gmail account

Offers a 15 GB storage totally free (shared with Google Drive), although you can also buy more storage if you need it, from 100 GB to 30 TB for a monthly or annual subscription, depending on the chosen plan.

When uploading your photos and videos to this cloud, you will have the option to choose between High quality or Original quality. Only if we decide on the second option will it subtract storage from 15 GB.

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Dropbox is known as a cloud where you can store any type of file, documents, photos or videos. It offers access from any device, both in web and desktop version as well as from iOS or Android mobile devices.

Initially you have 2 GB of free storage , although it offers a referral system with which you will get 500 Mb for each user who registers and installs the application from your link.

In addition, it has a subscription to Dropbox Plus for €9.99 per month, with which you will expand your storage to 1 TB.

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Hand in hand with Microsoft, OneDrive has a 5GB initial free storage with which you can upload all your photos and videos.

One of the most outstanding features of this cloud is that if you decide to purchase a higher plan you can get the Office 365 package at the same price. To do this, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan for €7 per month, with which you will get 1 TB of storage plus the Office 365 package (limited to 1 computer and 1 phone or tablet).

Like the previous cloud storage applications, it has support for mobile devices, desktop and web versions.

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One of the most important yet unknown photo storage services offers some really good features.

There are different ways of organizing uploaded photos and videos, by themes, chronologically or in albums. In addition to being able to tag, comment or share them through social networks.

With a simple and quick registration through a Yahoo account you will receive a 1TB storage totally free , more than enough space to have a backup of all your multimedia files in a single cloud.

Of course, it has an application for mobile devices and a web version with a renewed design.

In addition, it offers two payment plans, one for $6 per month with which you will remove the ads, among other things, and a second plan, somewhat excessive, to expand the storage up to 2 TB.

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From the hand of the Japanese company specialized in photography products, among others, comes Irista, a cloud storage platform with the intention of positioning itself within this sector.

Like all the mentioned ones, it offers support for mobile devices, desktop and web version.

With a completely free basic plan we can enjoy 15GB of cloud storage . In addition, it offers two payment plans to expand the storage of our account from €1.99 per month.

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As we can see, there are several options that we have so as not to saturate our iPhone or iCloud with photos and videos and to be able to dedicate that storage to backup copies, for example. These are just some of the most relevant and with the best features that we can find on the net.

What is your preferred storage cloud? Do you know any other?

Leave us your impressions in the comments.