Top 5 Best Apple Designs — 2022

Apple has presented many products in its 41 years of life. From the mythical Apple 1, to the recently presented HomePod . Some of their designs have marked us more for their design, and in this post I am going to show a compilation with the 5 most beautiful designs of Apple products to date. For this I have based myself on my personal opinion and I have tried to agree on the majority opinions, although it will never be to everyone's liking, as is logical.

5. Apple logo from 1976 to 1998

Apple logo from 1976 to 1998

We start this ranking and we do not do it with a product as such, but with a logo. And it is none other than the mythical logo that Apple used from 1976 to 1998 .

This was not the first Apple logo , since before there was one that has nothing to do with the bitten apple but was inspired by Isaac Newton. But that logo was so unsuccessful that it was immediately resorted to Rob Janoff, who designed this multicolored logo.

The transcendence that this logo has had in the technology company has been total and, thanks to it, the apple bitten has become unmistakable throughout the world .

4. Apple Watch

Apple Watch smart watches

The Apple Watch is one of the most controversial products of recent times due to some of its shortcomings. There are those who say that a priori it is unnecessary but that once you have it you can't live without it . I suppose that many of those who affirm this also say it because of its design.

Among all the smart watches, Apple's, it seems to me one of the most beautiful and elegant . Behind him he has a long list of straps that can be adapted to it. But the dial design of it, with its OLED screen, makes it a really nice product that Combines with all kinds of looks and clothing , from a more elegant style to the sportier ones.

3. iMac 2017:

New iMacs presented at WWDC 2017

It has been to arrive and kiss the saint. The 2017 iMac, newly presented and put up for sale , has jumped to this ranking and does so in third position.

The iMac 2017 is still fresh out of the oven, and apart from its great specifications -which we invite you to review in is fasting – we can say that its design is magnificent. With a Spectacular screen and very well-kept frames . Accompanying him a rear part that makes us forget that the CPU is inside of this great device.

This new product follows the same line as previous Macs but, as a novelty, we want to highlight the one from 2017.

2. Macbooks (generally)

It took me a long time to decide on a particular MacBook. The Pro range dazzled me with its original Touch Bar , older MacBooks make me long for the feature backlit apple from its rear. The point is that every MacBook to date has a beautiful design .

It is true that every time the material with which they are made and their internal quality is getting better and better. But MacBooks have always followed an aesthetic line that makes them one of the nicest laptops , if they are not the most.

Its lightness and thinness accompanied by a design that seems to deceive the eye by making looks like one piece , make this product the second most beautiful (IMHO).

1. iPhone 5/5s/SE

Different colors of the iPhone SE

After three generations (6, 6s and 7) in which the design of the iPhone has been practically the same, we go back to the iPhone 5, 5s and its improved version: the iPhone SE. This generation brought us a perfect mix between aluminum and glass .

With a newly released 4 inches, Apple amazed many in the presentation of the iPhone 5 with a design that exudes elegance on all four sides, in this case highlighting a rear part in which the ceramic glass and aluminum harmonized in perfect harmony.

In terms of colors, we could find the iPhone 5 and 5s in space gray, silver or gold . In the SE (Special Edition) we find the same colors, adding a color pink .

Leave us your opinion

As I said at the beginning, this ranking is a matter of personal taste. You can read the ranking of worst designs by clicking here .

If you think that we have overlooked some great design or perhaps you think that the order that has been given in this ranking is not the one that you would do, feel free to leave it in the comments . We will be happy to read your point of view.

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