Todoist arrives with an important update for companies — 2022

Working as a team, whether in person or virtually, is something that requires proper planning, especially when there are many tasks to accomplish in a certain amount of time. To organize yourself, your mobile is the most important thing since you can give orders and follow the progress as a team leader, in addition to being able to keep an eye on what is happening around work. Todoist thinks that there should be features that help companies and work teams to improve collaborative work. Today they launch a new update , which has interesting news that will help your workgroup to be more productive in the company.

Doist has big plans for Todoist Business

Amir Salihefendi, founding CEO of Doist has declared that this update is like a small appetizer of everything that is coming. These efforts will be aimed at bringing Todoist's level of excellence to the organization of work teams. that are spread across many companies and environments in the world.

This phase marks an important change in the strategy of our company, historically we have been good at managing projects and tasks for individual people.

Todoist Business, organization and synchronization

Since June 2014, Doist has been working on keeping all platforms up to date on new features, where it is available. This renewal will provide a better solution for companies, where work teams will be more organized and synchronized.

Let's take a look at what's important in the new Todoist for Business update.

New activity log

We were talking about progress at the beginning of this informative article, and Todoist Business adds a new activity log. It will be easier to manage all the tasks since you will be able to visualize the progress of your work team with them. Sync will always come in as it will alert everyone about what you need to do next to a delivery or completion date.

As an admin or team member, you'll be able to access activities in a broad view. If you need any specific data, you can apply a search filter by person, date or project.

Stay connected on each project

The best thing about an app is its diversity of functions, now Todoist Business includes Project Comments. this becomes in a faster way to communicate with your team, to find out about the company's projects and that will be easily accessible to all team members.

Forget about sending messages in other messaging applications, now you can make any important project message known from Todoist Business.

Easier notifications

The more members you have in your team, the messages and communication will involve filling your mobile with various notifications, and this is sometimes frustrating. Todoist Business has thought of a way to adapt the notifications, so that they can be more understandable and digestible. Notifications from now on will be grouped and closed.

How will it work now? Information such as comments on a task or tasks assigned to a team member will be located in a specific place, which will be in the form of a gray arrow on the right side of the notification list. Clicking on that arrow, All the information you need to know about the notification will be displayed.

Quick Add is smarter

With Quick Add, it's easier to add tasks with the details that are required for your team to know about the task. This feature was added in March on Android, now it comes to iOS as it is very important that all platforms have all the features of Todoist.

You will have new shortcut icons, the autocomplete function in case you forget the labels, the name of the project and the collaborators to whom you want to assign said task, among others. Todoist Business will do the whole process for you, all you need to write is a few lines of text. For example: Update financial plan every 26 #Accounts +Jaime.

The name of the project will be accompanied by the # character and to assign the team member it is with the + character.

Todoist Business has teamed up with other applications to take your productivity to another level

Todoist Business wants to offer you a special promotion to accompany this new launch. If you create a new Business account as an administrator between June 28 and July 12, you will receive significant discounts on the following applications.

    Zapier:Automate your workflow with three free months of their Work plan, which is a $60 value. 1Password for teams:Protect all your passwords with three months free, valued at $15. Sanebox:Dedicated application for email filters, you will have 25 dollars of credit for the annual Lunch plan. Focus@Will:Dedicated to scientifically optimized music, you'll get 60 days of free use. Valued at $24.

There is no excuse not to bring Todoist Business to your company or organization, it is an application that is available for iOS and if you have an Apple Watch, you can view the environment from your wrist. Be part of an extensive network of 8 million people who use Todoist every day. Do you already use Todoist in your day to day life? Tell us what you think of its new update.