Tired of Candy Crush? Try these alternative games — 2022

There are many games on the App Store, but years later the famous Candy Crush is still the most played. However, there are many similar titles or with themes that are very similar to it and that can be just as addictive. That is why in this article we show you some alternatives that maintain the same ingredients in terms of simplicity, challenge and increasing difficulty as the levels go by. All of them compatible with your iPhone and iPad.

Games from the creators of Candy Crush

King, developer of Candy Crush, has an interesting catalog of games with a theme very similar to that of its star title. Some are an extension of the classic, with some added functions or challenges, while others have a similar puzzle theme, but with other types of objects. We compile below some that, if you do not know them, you should know them.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

If you have played Candy Crush, this is going to be tremendously familiar to you in every way, since it is also about collecting sweets to meet your objectives by levels. The classic bombs, striped candies and more are present in this title. Here new combinations are added and the peculiarity of having to challenge the soda that is gradually raising its level on the elements of the game, having to be fast and accurate if you want to eliminate it and overcome the levels. For many, this version is even better than the main version and also includes identical help tools with in-app purchases.

It has more than 140 levels that the game itself calls sodalicious, as well as the new game modes Soda, Ice Cream and Honey where you will have to explore completely new scenarios where you will also meet new characters, all accompanied by new graphics that will delight of all users who want to enjoy this fantastic game.

Candy Crush Soda Saga Candy Crush Soda Saga Descargar QR-Code Candy Crush Soda Saga Developer: King

Farm Heroes Saga

Yet another of the puzzle-themed franchise identical to the main game, but with notable differences. The first thing you will notice is that there are no longer candies but fruits and vegetables, since everything is set in farm elements in which an evil raccoon threatens to destroy all the crops. Again, the main mission is to unite the same elements to eliminate them, but it also has specific objectives in each level that are established at the beginning of these, such as achieving a certain number of combinations. In any case, fun and addiction are guaranteed in this title.

Each of the adventures that you can immerse yourself in in this game can be tackled in two different ways, either individually or accompanied by your friends to see who of all of you gets the highest score and proves that he is the best . Obviously, like all the games in this saga, the way of interacting is the same, without any complications, now, if you want to stand out you'll have to master it, which is a complete challenge.

Farm Heroes Saga Farm Heroes Saga Descargar QR-Code Farm Heroes Saga Developer: King

Pet Rescuet Saga

We are already moving away from the previous games in which you join elements to achieve a goal, since in this one we find subtle differences in this regard. It's still a puzzle, but with the goal of saving pets in each of the levels. For this task you will have to knock down blocks of the same color that will serve to bring the furry ones closer to their objective, although you will have to take into account the limited number of movements that will prevent you from continuing your battle if you overcome it, thereby losing the level and having to face him again.

Without a doubt, this game stands out for its striking graphics, all very colorful and attractive to the user. The variety of your pets is another feature of the game, you will have to save both puppies, pigs, bunnies and other types of really adorable animals that you can not let the kidnappers take.

Pet Rescue Saga Pet Rescue Saga Descargar QR-Code Pet Rescue Saga Developer: King

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

One of King's classics. This game works in a very similar way to Candy Crush, in fact the way of playing is identical. But it has news regarding the main game of this company. The main difference is that there are many more trinkets to pop, in this case jelly beans. Also, in this app you can compete in 1vs1 in real time . The rewards have also been expanded, so placing as high as possible is incentivized.

This app has more than 3000 levels to compete, different game modes. It also allows you to connect your Facebook user to obtain more rewards and share your progress with your friends.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Candy Crush Jelly Saga Descargar QR-Code Candy Crush Jelly Saga Developer: King

More king games

In addition to these details, the King franchise has other video game titles that might interest you. Then we leave you the direct links for download, being all free , although with in-app purchases that could help you at specific moments of your adventure.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga Bubble Witch 2 Saga Descargar QR-Code Bubble Witch 2 Saga Developer: King Diamond Digger Saga Diamond Digger Saga Descargar QR-Code Diamond Digger Saga Developer: King Papa Pear Saga Papa Pear Saga Descargar QR-Code Papa Pear Saga Developer: King Pyramid Solitaire Saga Pyramid Solitaire Saga Descargar QR-Code Pyramid Solitaire Saga Developer: King Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Descargar QR-Code Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Developer: King AlphaBetty Saga AlphaBetty Saga Descargar QR-Code AlphaBetty Saga Developer: King Blossom Blast Saga Blossom Blast Saga Descargar QR-Code Blossom Blast Saga Developer: King

Alternative games to Candy Crush

It is a fact that Candy Crush has become one of the most downloaded games in recent years and is known worldwide. But there are more games from other developers that are also worthwhile and you can have a great time with them.

In addition to the typical sports that we all already know, there is a wide variety of games with different themes with which to liven up our free time. Therefore, we leave you here a list with some of them.

Fruit Splash Glory

Pursuing the same objectives as in Candy Crush and the other sagas mentioned in previous sections, this Fruit Splash Glory is conceived as an addictive video game in which you will be able to put yourself to the test by overcoming each one of the already innumerable levels that it has. You will have to explore a mysterious world in which you will have to collect fruits in trios in order to make them disappear and overcome the puzzles. Far from seeming like a child's game, the difficulty increases as you progress.

The goal you have to pursue is to always collect as many fruits as possible to be able to eliminate them more quickly and get closer to the objective. In addition, this game has new special characters such as monsters, flowers, baskets, water, and endless other options with which you can enjoy every second of this game.

Fruit Splash Glory Fruit Splash Glory Descargar QR-Code Fruit Splash Glory Developer: yu liu

Jewell Mania

If you are looking for a challenge with which you will never get bored, the more than 600 levels of this game will be more than enough for you, in addition to the fact that new levels arrive from time to time. The main objective is to collect different jewels with which to get points and solve the puzzles. Unlike King's game, in this one there are four elements that have to be put together to do the magic. It has in-app purchases, yes, but they are not necessary in any case to advance and overcome the different obstacles present in the most advanced levels.

Obviously, one of the ways to advance faster in the different levels is to create combos that trigger incredible cascades that obviously take you faster to the objective you have in each of the levels you have to face. if you want to be the true king of this entertaining game that will surely keep you glued to the screen of your iPhone for a long time.

Jewel Mania™ Jewel Mania™ Descargar QR-Code Jewel Mania™ Developer: Storm8 Studios

MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

We totally move away from the sweet classics of King's main game and put ourselves in the shoes of Marvel superheroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk or Captain Marvel. With these characters you will have to face your enemies and defeat them by completing levels in which you will have to match gems of different colors in the purest Candy Crush style. As in any game of this style, at first it will seem simple and you may even think that you will have an easy time, but the difficulty increases and even the best superheroes may fall by failing to pass the levels. But don't worry because you will always end up reviving to take on the challenge as many times as you want.

It is the first superhero game that consists of connecting different tiles to be able to overcome all the levels. It has more than 20 million players around the world, who try to save their favorite Marvel characters through the union of different tiles.

MARVEL Puzzles: Hero RPG MARVEL Puzzles: Hero RPG Descargar QR-Code MARVEL Puzzles: Hero RPG Developer: D3PA


You may have come across an advertisement for this game once and you may have been disappointed when downloading it. The reason for this is that the game is presented as a video game in which to make decisions regarding the reform of a huge mansion and it really is not entirely true. This video game aims to reform a house little by little, yes, but the way to do it is by solving a multitude of puzzles with a style very similar to that of the puzzles that we are dealing with in this article, being essential for progress. If you like the theme of Candy Crush and also want to see some usefulness in solving the levels, you'll love this Homescapes.

As we mentioned, the way you have to reform your house is by overcoming the different levels that this game has, for this what you have to do is combine and exchange the different pieces to advance in each of the challenges that it presents you this title. You also have the option of using the famous boosters and explosive combinations with which, obviously, you will advance much faster.

Homescapes Homescapes Descargar QR-Code Homescapes Developer: Playrix


From the same creator and with similar mechanics to the previous one, we find this video game in which we also find more than reasonable similarities with the popular King saga. While other puzzle styles are mixed in, the ones you'll have to solve in most cases will be those with shapes similar to Candy Crush. The objective of the game is really that by overcoming each one of the levels you can return all the splendor to a wonderful garden of a mansion that, unfortunately, has been left neglected.

The goal of Gardenscapes is to bring that wonderful glow back to your garden, so you will have to combine, restore and decorate your garden as you progress through the hundreds of levels that this game has to offer.

Gardenscapes Gardenscapes Descargar QR-Code Gardenscapes Developer: Playrix

Bubble Mania

It's not exactly the same mechanics as Candy Crush, but its style is extremely well known and you won't even need to follow a tutorial to start playing. The game is presented as an adventure in which you will have to go through a fantastic world defeating villains, but how can you defeat them? Well, basically overcoming each puzzle level by killing all the colored bubbles.

You will have to launch different bubbles to match them by colors and thus overcome the different challenges that this game offers you. It's really simple, as well as addictive and fun. It has more than 700 levels, so you'll have a challenge for a while. It is inspired by the best arcade and puzzle games.

Bubble Mania™ Bubble Mania™ Descargar QR-Code Bubble Mania™ Developer: Storm8 Studios

Jelly Splash

This game could perfectly pass for another King title, since it offers an interface tremendously similar to that of the Candy Crush games. In his case, the goal is to free the Jellys after finding himself in a land full of traps and quicksand. In the style of a match-3 puzzle, the different levels available in this game will captivate you from the first moment, being able to get bonuses and unlock new levels as you progress. Something very noteworthy are the offers and discounts that are usually made occasionally of the elements that involve in-app purchases, something to take into account for those who often resort to help tools.

In addition, one of the advantages of this title is that you don't have a time limit to overcome each of the levels. Levels that, by the way, are renewed and expanded every month, a very positive point in knowing that you will have new and renewed challenges continuously, which is why there are more than 75 million users around the world who enjoy this game.

Jelly Splash - addictive games Jelly Splash - addictive games Descargar QR-Code Jelly Splash - addictive games Developer: wooga

Which one are we left with?

We have seen the wide range of games that King offers us, although it is true that they are very similar to each other. If we had to keep one, it would be without a doubt the Farm Heroes Saga. As we have been able to read before, it is a puzzle game, similar to the most famous of the developer. The big difference is that the items you play with are farm items. Keeping the essence of matching the same elements, in each level we find a different mission, which makes it different from Candy Crush.

Regarding non-King games, the Gardenescapes . It is also a puzzle with a very different theme, and despite having some similar ones, they are varied and have funny scenes with which to entertain us. It is without a doubt a very good option to play and compete with our friends.