Tips for keeping your Mac keyboard clean — 2022

Mac keyboards are not exempt from dust and dirt. As a result of the slits that it includes between the key and the chassis, dust can accumulate in a very simple way and the surface of the keys can end up getting dirty due to use. That is why it is important to always keep it clean and in this article we tell you how to always keep it like the first day.

Clean MacBook keyboard

In a MacBook the keyboard is embedded as it is a laptop and this can complicate the cleaning task. Dust is the biggest enemy of the keys as it gets under them and can even cause a specific key to be blocked, rendering it useless. The surface of the keys can also end up getting quite dirty as a result of the fact that when we eat our fingers they end up getting dirty and if our hands are not perfectly clean, the surface of the keys ends up getting dirty.

To be able to clean the keys superficially, you simply need to have a lint-free microfiber cloth. This is important because if the cloth to be used releases lint during use, it can be introduced under the keys and further complicate the cleaning task. This cloth should be slightly damp and never use chemical products such as bleach that may affect the internal components of the equipment or damage the finish of the equipment. With a simple pass over each of the keys it will be as good as new.

macbook keyboard clean

The most complicated task is undoubtedly cleaning under the keys. The fact that the keyboard is embedded and with very little space between the keys makes it difficult to remove dust from the keys. To try to clean it in this way you must use a bottle of compressed air and follow these steps:

  • Keep the MacBook tilted 75th so that it is in a vertical position.
  • Use the compressed air to clean the keyboard in a left-to-right motion, emphasizing the gaps between the key and the chassis.
  • Turn the computer to the right and reapply the compressed air from left to right.
  • Finally turn the keyboard to the left and repeat the action.

As we say, in the event that you have a keyboard with a scissor mechanism, compressed air may not be enough. The fact that the travel of the key is very short and that it is impossible to disassemble the key means that in many cases it has to be replaced by a technician.

Clean iMac Magic Keyboard

In the case of wanting to clean the Magic Keyboard that comes with iMacs, the process is much simpler. Thanks to its scissor system it is really easy remove the keys with little skill to clean the bottom of it. Although, it is important to be extremely careful to prevent the hooks from breaking. To be able to do the disassembly, you will need a flat and fine tool such as a knife. This you can insert it through one of the slits of the key and with a little force you can make the key jump. As we say, it is important to do it with delicacy since the hooks can end up breaking, emphasizing the space bar that is hooked with a wire to the keyboard, making the task difficult. If you do not see yourself capable of doing the disassembly yourself, you can go to a specialized technician.

Magic Keyboard 1

If you are going to remove all the keys at once, it is advisable to take a photograph in case you forget where each of the keys goes. Once removed, you must take into account these considerations:

  • Clean the surface under the keys with compressed air very carefully, without putting too much pressure on the mechanical parts.
  • You can clean and disinfect the keys in the normal way using water and a microfiber cloth. It is important to have them completely dry before placing them to avoid problems with the mechanism.

In case you don't want to disassemble the keys, you can use compressed air from outside or a dust brush . In this case, the Magic Keyboard has a greater space between the key and the chassis, facilitating the exit of dust.

Recommended cleaning products

As we have mentioned before, compressed air cans are undoubtedly the most recommended for cleaning the Mac keyboard. These bottles have an extremely low price and will allow you to do several cleanings, easily removing dust and any dirt without leaving residue behind. his side. On this occasion we can recommend the Nilox compressed air spray that offers very good value for money.

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In addition to compressed air, there are cordless vacuum cleaners that offer adequate suction capacity to catch dust from any keyboard. Specifically, the CrazyFire brand vacuum cleaner offers a 2000 mAh battery with a portable design that allows you to take it anywhere. It includes two nozzles to make it easier for you to remove dust since one of them has a small brush to remove surface dust. All the trapped dust stays in a compartment that is easily washable.

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For the surface of the keys, you can just use water as we have mentioned before, but cleaning solutions for plastic or aluminum surfaces can also be used. This one from Economist includes a microfiber cloth to be impregnated with the non-abrasive product in order to disinfect the surfaces of the computer without damaging it.

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