Tim Cook says he would like the Mac Pro to continue to be made in the US — 2022

The Mac Pro has not yet been released but has already been the focus of numerous news these days. It is known to all that this newMac Prounlike the one released in 2013 It is made in China to something that has severe consequences such as having to suffer tariffs of 25%, notably taxing the final price of the product. Tim Cook spoke about this 'problem' yesterday in the presentation of financial results for Q3 2019.

Apple wants to build the Mac Pro in the US

before the or obligation to pay a 25% duty for exporting the Mac Pro from China, Apple submitted a request to the federal government led by Donald Trump requesting that the Mac Pro be exempt from these tariffs since the components can only be manufactured in the Asian country.

Donald Trump responded without surprising us through a message on Twitter, announcing that he rejected this request and reminded Apple that if it did not want tariffs, it could always transfer production to the US. This is something tremendously complicated since labor is much more expensive and that is why China has been this year the candidate country to assemble this team .

Tim Cook did not want to miss the opportunity yesterday to affirm that Apple wants the Mac Pro to be manufactured in the US as it has been until now and that is why they are investing in the necessary production capacity, leaving the door open to the opening of a factory in Texas. Specifically, the words of Tim Cook were the following:

We have been making the Mac Pros in the United States. We want to keep doing it. This is why we are currently working and investing in capacity to do so because we want to continue being here.

We highly doubt that Apple will go on to manufacture its Mac Pro in Texas because of the skyrocketing production costs. We believe that the smartest decision is move production out of China to avoid these tariffs.

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