Tim Cook remembers the figure of Steve Jobs on a very special day — 2022

Today October 5, 2011, passed away Steve Jobs (Steven Paul Jobs), co-founder of Apple Computer and one of the most charismatic and well-known people in the world for his vision of how to change the world.

We all know Steve's work with the public thanks to the creations presented, such as the iPod that marked an authentic revolution in the music industry, not simply for putting 1000 songs in your pocket, but for the entire revolution in general and that continues to evolve today.

Steve showed me—and all of us—what it means to serve humanity. We miss him, today and every day, and we’ll never forget the example he set for us. pic.twitter.com/fsdeOIl6LB

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) October 5, 2018

Despite being a very peculiar person , too sincere and with an ease to make you see the reality distortion field . Some have cataloged him as an arrogant person in his most familiar environment and even with his workers.

We are not going to assess your personality (at least today), but it is true that without it, possibly the evolution of consumer technology would not have taken that important leap in quality.

Jose A. Lizana 13 September, 2018 • 17:09

Tim Cook states in a Tweet what: Steve taught me — and all of us — what it means to serve humanity. We miss him, today and every day, and we will never forget the example he set for us.

Steve Jobs gave an instruction to Tim Cook that he has carried as a flag, Don't run Apple like Steve Jobs would, run it like Tim Cook would . No sooner said than done . Shortly after his death, Cook began releasing devices that Jobs probably wouldn't have released (at least in the short term).

Turning the tables at Apple with Tim Cook at the helm

Tim Cook with Steve Jobs

Tim Cook with Steve Jobs

One of the first signs that a new path at Apple was starting a new path, we could see with the iPhone 6 Plus with a huge size (exaggerated at the time). Steve defended the compact size of the iPhone, a size that allowed you to reach the entire arc of the screen with your thumb. He did not want a pencil, since he considered that we have 5 beautiful tools in our hands, the fingers.

These act as an interaction between the device and our hand, without the need for a accessory outside that comes between them. He literally stated in a Keynote that: Nobody wants to use a stylus .

Grateful for changing our areas of consumption, grateful for being able to have several devices in one, grateful for making efforts to make products with a level of detail and design that even reached the visible areas of the same. This was a message to customers to say, We take it very seriously to bring you the best product.

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