Tim Cook bets on education in a conversation with Donald Trump — 2022

Tim Cook has recently spoken about his views on education and now the White House is contacting him for advice on it. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Tim Cook and Steve Jobs's widow, Laurene Powell, are among the people who most turn to the White House for help with STEM funding, among others.

This report explains that Ivanka Trump is up to date on the efforts of both Powell and Cook for the advice on the financing of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in public schools in the United States. The Trump president's daughter, along with Reed Cordish, special assistant to the president for technology initiatives, held a phone conversation Wednesday with politicians, educators and CEOs to discuss education and funding.

Other participants on the call, roughly an hour long, include Lockheed CEO Martin Marillyn Hewson; CEO of Accenture North America Julie Sweet, President of Microsoft, Brad Smith; Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and representatives from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Stanford, MIT, and Broward County, Florida, Schools.

At this point, the effort by the Trump administration is still in its infancy. Specific details, as well as timing and funding, have yet to be decided, but the administration plans to hold an open dialogue with the leaders mentioned above.

Learning programming with Swift, a bet by Tim Cook

The CEO of Apple has been a strong advocate of programming in teaching with children of an early age, so a course very similar to foreign languages ​​will be necessary. With Cook you now have a direct track in efforts on education with the White House. Cook spoke, in this last month, during a round table with President Trump, leaving the following statements:

Second, unrelated, it's something that I'm very passionate about: programming should be a requirement in all public schools. We have a huge shortfall in the skills that we have today, compared to the skills that are out there, and we're trying to do our part or hopefully more of our part in doing that. But I think government leadership is also key.

It seems that one of the efforts in which the CEO of Apple is putting great effort is to bring programming to education and we imagine that through the iPad and its current app Swift Playgounds , which is having great success among users who are new to this language.

How would you think that, in Spain, programming was established as a subject from primary school (up to 12 years old)?

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Source: 9to5Mac