Three tricks for Apple Maps to be the best GPS in your car — 2022

Although there are otherGPS navigation apps for iPhone, the truth is that many times we despise the native application without even knowing it completely. Between thefeatures and functions of Apple Mapswe can find some that are extremely interesting and that may not be as well known if you have never used the app or if you have not investigated it. Here are three of these Apple Maps features that can help you use it as a GPS when you're driving.

Siri can be of great help (more with a Watch)

Apple's smart assistant, despite its shortcomings, is perfectly integrated into the company's ecosystem of devices and applications. In the case of Apple Maps it is interesting because only by voice we can establish a route to move by car. Just say Hey Siri, take me to [name of place] and the assistant will automatically open the best route for you in Apple Maps. If you also have a CarPlay compatible car You can also do it with the car's voice commands.

apple maps apple watch

Although perhaps where we like the operation of Siri in Apple Maps the most is through the Apple Watch. And you probably think that it is of little use to see a map on such a small screen, but the truth is that this is not its main virtue. What stands out about this is being able to receive vibrations on the wrist when you have to perform an action on the road (change lanes, take an exit, turn into a street...). The indication will be subtly shown on the screen by means of arrows or icons.

You can already have your favorite routes stored

From home to work and from work to home. These are usually the most common routes and the ones we carry out most frequently, however there are many possible routes that can be configured from Apple Maps on iOS. You just have to open the app and you will see the possibility of adding a favorite route (in addition to those that the iPhone has already saved intelligently). Then every time you open it you will only have to press once to establish the route without having to search for it every time.

favorite apple maps

Don't lose your car and locate it with Apple Maps

It can happen to all of us that we park, get out of the car in a hurry and when we go back for it we realize that we have not noticed where it is. If the parking space is also large, it can be an ordeal, but if you have a car with Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay, the place where you parked will automatically be registered when it is detected that you have left the car and the iPhone has been disconnected.

What if you don't have a car with these technologies? Well, you will always have the option to mark the location and even share it with yourself or another person through various messaging apps. Of course, remember to do it while you are still in the car so that the bearing can be saved more accurately. That way you will avoid having to act as a detective when you return to the car and cannot find it.