This video shows what iPhones could look like with iOS 15 — 2022

The next major software update that the iPhone will receive is iOS 15 and although there is still no official information about its news, there are those who are already venturing to imagine what this version will be like. In this article we analyze a curious conceptual video that imagines notable changes in the interface of Apple phones. It will come true?

Concept video with iOS 15

This video was uploaded in early December by the Hacker 34 channel on YouTube. It shows a conceptual interface, that is, there is nothing official and it is a creation of this youtuber. However, the appearance of this video could be totally cast by an Apple promotional video because of how well it is done.

The first thing the Hacker 34 shows us in this video are the widgets interaccionables , since they allow you to make changes to applications through them without having to enter the apps themselves, something that does not happen in the current iOS 14. It also plays with the rumors of seeing an iPhone 13 with the Always On Display function , showing a lock screen with the time and date accompanied by certain information in the form of icons. Other classic rumors but that have never finished arriving like the split screen is also present.

Other highlights are the possibility of integrating another native assistant other than Siri, being able to share screenshots more quickly or customize the home screen much more. Functions that would surely be highly applauded by users, but unfortunately may not arrive in iOS 15. In fact, there are some that may never arrive, such as choosing an assistant other than Siri, since Apple continues betting on its artificial intelligence system over that of its competitors.

What is expected from iOS 15?

Knowing software leaks is more complicated than device leaks, since third parties such as assembly lines intervene in the latter. However, iOS and the rest of the operating systems are developed one hundred percent by Apple, so it is difficult to find reliable evidence, despite the fact that last year was an exception when a previous version of iOS 14 was leaked.

For this next iOS 15 there are some analysts who claim to know some news such as the multiuser , something especially expected for iPadOS. Also the widget improvement with functions such as views in the video could be accommodated. It is also said that his compatibility it would leave the first-generation iPhone 6, 6 Plus and SE models behind. Beyond that, what we know is rather little and that is why we find it curious and fun to watch videos like the one from the Hacker 34.

Until the month of June In the foreseeable month of the WWDC 2021 celebration, iOS 15 and the rest of Apple's software will not be released for this year. In any case, we will be attentive to possible leaks or rumors that gain strength in the coming months. Also, if it is interesting, we will continue commenting on video concepts like the one we have seen in this article.