This video makes the rumors of the iPad Air 2020 come true — 2022

The iPad Air is the Apple tablet model that marks the intermediate point between the 'Pro' range and the cheapest ones focused on students. There are many features that these have been acquiring from the high range, but their design has remained consistent with the classic aesthetics of Apple tablets. Soon we could see a long-awaited renewal of this equipment that would come to adopt a design with reduced frames and might even have Touch ID on screen. We analyze these rumors and, incidentally, a spectacular concept video that transfers this information to a three-dimensional render.

What will the next iPad Air be like?

Rumors are not always reliable and everything can change in a matter of a short time. If we also take into account that Apple would not launch new iPad Air until the end of this year or the beginning of next, we find ourselves with an even broader spectrum of possibilities that what we know now could end up being a dead letter. However, there are already several analysts andsources close to Applelike Ming-Chi Kuo who have revealed what, for the moment, are the plans of the Cupertino company.

iPad Air 2019

Current version of iPad Air released in 2019

According to this information, in addition to the reduction of frames, the new iPad Air could bring with it mini LED technology on your screen, in addition to 5G connectivity. It really doesn't sound unreasonable considering that the company has been dealing with possible suppliers for this type of screen for months and that 5G chips seem to be developing without a problem for the iPhone 12, but the truth is that it would be strange to see all this in a model ' Air' before the 'Pro'. In fact, it was rumored that we would see another iPad Pro this year, but it is still something unspecified considering that we already saw a renewal of these very recently.

Be that as it may, it seems that the only thing clear is that the next iPad Air will change aesthetically and it will leave behind the bulky frames on its front and the classic Home button. This would be a smart move by Apple in order to attract new users who do not want to spend so much money on an iPad Pro, but for this they would have to play very well the production costs so that the final price of the device does not rise too much . We remember that the base price of this device today is 549 euros, although on portals such as Amazon they can be found discounted.

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iPad Air 2020 concept video

Based on the information previously discussed, there are those who have dared to make realistic concepts of what this hypothetical iPad Air 2020 would represent. From the TS Designer YouTube channel they have published the following video with which they intend to see in more detail this tablet.

Obviously it is still a concept based on rumors and with no official status, but it is still very interesting. Shock at first sight colors so daring like the yellow and pink shown in the video, but if we stick with the front design and straight edges we would find something more real and that would be very reminiscent of what the iPad Pro already are. In the video however also shows the Touch ID under screen , something that would serve Apple to save costs on Face ID, but if you look at a 2nd generation Apple Pencil that could now also be compatible with these devices.

It remains to be seen what finally happens with this range of iPads, but it is clear that there is a lot of interest from consumers and we will surely receive new information in the coming weeks and months.