This Trick Could Boost Your iPhone's Battery Health — 2022

The arrival of iOS 11 was in its day an important novelty regarding the health of the iPhone battery, which precisely allowed us to check what its percentage was. Since then we have a more or less accurate control of the state of the battery of our device, although it must be emphasized that this percentage may not adjust to reality. In this post we tell you the reason why this is not always true to reality and what can be done to increase that indicator again.

Resolved doubts about iOS battery health

Regarding the battery health of the iPhone, many questions often arise that, we believe, are convenient to explain. In the following sections we shed a little more light on the meaning of this percentage.

Is it normal for this percentage to drop?

While it is true that there is no component that is eternal, the truth is that there are many that tend to last much longer. However, there are others such as the battery whose degradation is more noticeable in a shorter period of time. It is completely natural that it wears off and although there are some methods to take care of the battery of an iPhone, in the end it is inevitable that after a certain time it will begin to wear out.

Sometimes it is more noticeable and sometimes less, since the autonomy as such of the device depends on other factors such as the optimization that the software makes of it, the demand that we make of the device or the charging methods used. So, in conclusion, you should know that whatever you do will always end up lowering this percentage, be it in more or less time.

It's not really accurate.

In iOS 11, a version that arrived on the iPhone in 2017, Apple implemented a feature that is still present today and that is battery health, accessible from Settings > Battery > Battery health . The screen shows a percentage in which 100% is the maximum level of health and which would be indicative that the battery is in full power without having suffered any type of wear. The algorithms with which this percentage is calculated are extremely complex and it is very difficult to determine with real accuracy what the level of deterioration of the battery is.

That is why, many times, sudden drops in the percentage can be noticed or even that it remains at a high level when really the battery has suffered noticeable wear. Therefore we must always treat it as a simple indicative , since even some Apple experts have been able to confirm this and the numerous headaches that users alarmed by it often entail.

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Bearing in mind that sometimes it may be normal for the percentage drop suddenly several numbers, the truth is that it is confusing. This sudden drop could be due to several factors, one of them being that the battery is defective, even if the phone is new. In this case, you should go to Apple to certify it and they can replace the battery for free, since it is due to a defect totally unrelated to your use. On the other hand, it could simply be a problem with the algorithms that calculate the health of the battery and therefore not be real.

The formula to raise the percentage of health

If you are in any of the cases mentioned above where the iPhone is new and the battery health has suddenly dropped , It is possible that this has not really suffered enough yet to lower the percentage that we can see in the settings. This is the case that we mentioned earlier related to the calculation made by the iPhone. The first recommendation we make is to check the battery life for practical purposes and if it is lasting more or less the same as always, do not give more importance to this percentage and continue using your phone normally, since in the end and After all, it will no longer be a simple number that should not hinder your user experience.

If, in addition to this drop in percentage, the autonomy of your iPhone has suffered, it is possible that you can already resort to a restoration that allows the software to free itself of junk files. Not always an effective method , since it is not something miraculous but it happens because the phone is infected with those files that, without being anything related to malware, affects the performance of the terminal. In some cases, it may not even be enough and require a battery change, which would already have to be managed in technical support.

We were able to verify the restoration method in the first person and on a daily basis we have seen a multitude of users for whom it has worked to increase the percentage of health of their battery. Of course, certain steps must be followed so that there may be more possibilities to eliminate the corrosive files. Thus you should not install any backup after restoring the phone, since at the end of the day you would also be restoring the files that are causing the problems. It is also recommended restore it with a computer , since it is a much cleaner way to delete all these files, ahead of the restoration that can be done in the iPhone settings.

How to perform the restore

To carry out the restoration, it is recommended to do it as completely as possible, for which you will need a computer regardless of whether it is a Mac or a PC con Windows . It should be noted, however, that following this method does not guarantee one hundred percent that health will increase again, since it is possible that the percentage was actually adjusting to reality. The reasons then that this has suffered can be several, starting with an exhaustive use of the terminal and a greater consumption of the device's charging cycles.

backup iphone computer

Restore iPhone using a Mac with macOS Catalina or later

  1. Put the iPhone on DFU mode.
  2. Connect iPhone to Mac via cable.
  3. and a Finder and you will see on the left that the name of your iPhone appears as if it were one more folder, you will have to click on it.
  4. At the top click on Restore iPhone and wait for the process to finish and the device to be as fresh out of the box.

Restore iPhone using a Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier

  1. Put the iPhone on DFU mode.
  2. Connect iPhone to Mac via cable.
  3. Opens iTunes and go to the part dedicated to managing the iPhone, in the upper bar by pressing the iPhone icon.
  4. At the top click on Restore iPhone and wait for the process to finish and the device to be as fresh out of the box.

Restore iPhone via Windows PC

  1. Put the iPhone on DFU mode.
  2. Connect iPhone to computer via cable.
  3. Opens iTunes. If you don't have it installed on your computer, you can download it from the Apple website.
  4. Click on the iPhone icon at the top of the screen.
  5. At the top you will see that an option called Restore iPhone Click here and wait for the process to finish. At the end your device will be as fresh out of the box and you will need to configure it.

And what happens after?

Once the initial configuration of the iPhone is done, it is possible that you will verify that the health of the battery has increased. It is not really that more battery life has been given, but that it was always at those levels but due to some error in the internal calculations it will not be displayed correctly. On many occasions, in fact, the battery lasts the same before and after the restoration, which shows that the health level was really the same in both cases.

We also recommend that if this method hasn't worked, you run a iPhone battery calibration that can serve to also stabilize all the algorithms related to the calculation of health. In any case, we insist again on emphasizing that this method may not be entirely effective if the battery has really worn out. Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore the health of a damaged battery, especially in this way, since it is physically impossible.

In short, we want to launch a recommendation and that is that don't obsess over this , that is to say, it is very interesting to know in what state of degradation the battery is, but it is not essential to be able to use the device. We always recommend use the device without restrictions, taking care of its battery if possible, but without reaching excessive limits in which in a certain way you are restricted from using the iPhone as you please. At the end of the day, it is there for that and if you really think that your device has a hardware problem, you can take it to technical support to verify it and in that case replace the battery.

What solutions are there if it is a battery problem?

If you really realize that your battery has suffered a very sudden drop that does not adjust to what it should, it is more than likely that there is a real failure of the battery and that it is faulty . In the event that it is an iPhone that is already a few years old, it is normal as we already warned in the first point, but not in a device that is one year old or less since it was used for the first time.

In addition, you have to value the use you give to the iPhone, since if you are one of those who uses it to call and send messages, your battery will not be very damaged by use. However, if you are one of those who uses the mobile to surf the Internet a lot, watch series and be on social networks, it is possible that prolonged use of the mobile will cause the battery to lower its performance. In addition, using unauthorized cables and chargers also causes the battery to be damaged before its time, so you have to be careful with the chargers you use.

Update iOS

There are many times that the problem of the battery losing capacity is due to some iOS update. Therefore, before looking for any other solution, make sure that your iPhone has the latest iOS update and that it is well installed. Many times the operating system has a new version a few days after having released a version to correct errors. Make sure the new version has not come out.

If you are one of those who installs the betas of the operating systems, you may have quite a few battery problems, since the betas are a kind of test, and not the final version of iOS, so there are many bugs and problems to solve. Some of these glitches affect battery or charging, so be on the lookout for potential glitches that may arise from a beta.

Go to a technical center

At this point, if none of the other solutions we've offered you above have worked for you, you should go to technical support and request assistance so that they can verify the source of the problem. If it is detected that the battery is indeed defective, they must make you a totally free replacement and more so if it is a factory defect and not a deterioration caused by the use of the device.

You can ask for an appointment either at an Apple Store or go to a SAT. In these centers they will give you a more complete assessment so that you know what is really happening to your battery. In addition, they will offer you solutions at that very moment so that you do not have to continue with the problem and you can go home with a new or fixed battery.