This render of the iPhone X PRODUCT (RED) shows us how beautiful it could have been — 2022

Last April 9 we saw the arrival of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (PRODUCT) RED at the Apple Store , but we did not see this color implemented in the iPhone X, something that we would have liked to see, because if it is beautiful in the iPhone 8, in the Apple flagship I think it would have been much better as we saw in a render a few weeks ago, but today we have seen a video much longer with awesome shots of what could have been something that at least in 2018 we will not see but in 2019 quite surely.

Dreaming is free... this would have been the iPhone X (PRODUCT) RED

Although this year we have not seen the iPhone X with this incredible red color, dreaming is free and that is why this designer has published on YouTube much more elaborate than what we saw a few days ago than this could have been iPhone (PRODUCT) RED . The video in question is as follows:

As we can see, the color is impressive and I think it would have been a great success to stimulate the sales of this device, because without a doubt enters through the eyes of any user. This year we have only seen the iPhone 8 with this color for stimulate sales in Q3 of this device that has been so punished by the iPhone X which has undoubtedly overshadowed him.

In September all the rumors suggest that we will see s three iPhone X of different sizes and one much cheaper by incorporating an LCD screen. We hope that next year around this time or even earlier we will have the new range of devices with this color so supportive, since it is worth remembering that A portion of the profits generated from these sales go to the fight against AIDS.

Leave us in the comment box if you think this is one of the most beautiful colors that Apple incorporates.