This year could end mirror mode with watchOS 5 — 2022

The new version of watchOS 5 It could come with a very interesting feature, native applications for the Apple Watch, leaving aside the applications that work in mirror mode.

This will mean noticeable improvements in the performance of the applications, since they are native, they are become independent of the iPhone , offering a better user experience. Although all is not gold that glitters, at least for some developers.

With the first watchOS version, we found apps to be slow as they depend on the iPhone and Bluetooth connection. The thing improved just a few months later with the following updates, where they allowed to perform native apps . Now, this development would be mandatory, at least that's what the latest beta of watchOS 4.3.1 says, according to 9to5mac .

watchOS 5 will not be well received by everyone

Although we all look forward to any update that Apple puts us ahead, not all developers see it with the same eyes due to the guidelines that Apple sets in the following versions.

We have the last case with Instagram , where last week they removed their app for the Apple Watch. Instagram claims that the user base is very small and it is not worth it to continue developing it. It is not the only big app that has followed the same path. Amazon, Slack or Google have already done the same for quite some time.

With the arrival of watchOS 5 , all the applications will have to be native, that is, they must work independently without the need to have an iPhone nearby. This move is logical, especially with the launch of the Apple Watch con LTE .

But also, Improves user experience being faster and more stable applications. We all remember the first versions, slow and exasperating, to the point that you could practically prepare a coffee while an app was opened. Yes, I know, it's a huge exaggeration (or not).

With the current beta of watchOS , we may see a compatibility warning message on apps that are not natively developed, stating that they might not be supported in the future.

What new things would you like to see in watchOS 5? Would you buy an Apple Watch LTE if it was available?