This is the reason why iPhones do not come with a charger — 2022

The iPhone 12 does not come with a charger. Despite other novelties that Apple integrated in this generation of its smartphones, that phrase was probably the one that ended up becoming more viral in 2020. And it is that the decision of the Californian company to remove charging adapter of his iPhone was the least controversial. If you do not know this matter or want to know everything that has happened to this decision, keep reading because we will tell you everything.

With this article we do not intend to instill any type of personal opinion or the writer of this article or the writing of La Manzana Mordida. We simply want it to serve to know the full story of the reason for this controversial decision by Apple, telling the ins and outs of it and counting on both public opinion and the company's own arguments. In the end, we respect and celebrate that everyone can have their own vision and opinion about this fact, whether to support it or to be against it.

What can be found in the box

You should know that the content they bring is common to all iPhone . The decision to eliminate the adapter came with the '12', yes, but the company implemented this measure retroactively and even models of previous generations for sale no longer incorporate this element.

In the same way and for the same reasons that we will analyze later, They also don't include headphones. . The EarPods (not to be confused with AirPods) were also included in the box and were also no longer introduced in 2020. Therefore, in the end, the only thing left in the box of Apple smartphones are the following elements:

  • iPhone
  • 0.5 meter Lightning to USB-C charging cable.
  • Basic instructions with link to the web to read the complete guide.
  • Key to remove the SIM tray from the iPhone.
  • A sticker with the characteristic Apple logo in white.

Headphones Charger iPhone 12

It should be noted that from 2021 plastics are not included in the box packaging, having only one easy-open style tape on the back which, once removed, allows the box to be opened without a problem.

Apple's reasons for not including iPhone charger

During the months prior to the presentation of the aforementioned iPhone 12, the removal of the charger from the box of these devices was already an open secret. What at first seemed like a simple rumor spread like wildfire, being confirmed by numerous leakers and arriving at a keynote held on October 13, 2020 in which Apple not only confirmed this information, but also gave explanations about why they decided to do it.

Arguments the company gave

Lisa Jackson, vice president of social initiatives and environmental policies acted as spokesperson for Apple in this regard. In a somewhat unusual setting as it is located on the roof of Apple Park, Jackson began by exposing the company's idea regarding environmental policies as part of its corporate social responsibility.

He conveyed that the roadmap they have established aims, among other things, to be carbon neutral with its corporate operations for the year 2030. He stated that both its offices, stores and other establishments already had 100% renewable energy, but that in order to evolve on this path they also needed to carry out changes in your global supply chain and logistics .

iphone recycling

They also showed a series of slides like the one shown above in which it is shown that the iPhone already had a good part of recycled materials , to which would be added new measures involving iPhone manufacturers, imposing for example that they use 100% renewable energy.

When it comes to removing the charging adapter or headphones, Jackson noted the waste reduction as the main motivation. To justify it, he hid behind the wireless accessory expansion such as AirPods as replacements for wired headphones or battery charging bases by more and more users, as well as the fact that companies like yours have been integrating charging accessories for years. Therefore, it is assumed that practically everyone has an adapter or pair of headphones at home that can be used.

In concrete data that was given in this exhibition, it was even affirmed that there is 2 billion charging adapters worldwide and only counting those of the company, to which should be added equal amounts of exorbitant other brands.

Benefits of this measure

Following the thread of Lisa Jackson's explanation at that Apple event, the company gave other interesting data regarding the impact of this removal of accessories. Benefits enjoyed by both the company itself and the environment.

In addition to the already mentioned reduction of carbon emissions Y prevent the extraction and use of precious materials , the company also confirmed at the time that the packaging of the iPhone would now be smaller than before. And this also means that, according to data from Apple itself, you can transport 70% more boxes per pallet , making it possible not only to store more products in less space, but also alleviating the time, expense and pollution of the logistics process during transport.

iphone cases before now

Repercussion of the news

After the confirmation by Apple of this measure that is still maintained today, with the anticipation of not going back, there were comments of all kinds and the impact that this news had, for better and for worse, was very high.

Controversy and a lot of humor in social networks

As we already anticipated and you may have imagined, the measure generated all kinds of discussions and debates. There were many people who were in favor and even indifferent, however there were more (or at least more noisy) who were opposed.

We do not have an opinion study that more accurately accredits the opinion of users about the fact that iPhones do not come with a charger, but based on what we have been able to experience as part of a media centered on Apple, we can attest that there has been a lot of discomfort about it.

iphone charger meme

However, we must say that even from this anger at least positive things have come out, such as humor. And it is that laughing, is in the end the best thing we can do in practically any situation in life. Social networks like Twitter were filled with memes or jokes about this measure, with jokes like The next iPhone will come without an iPhone and you will have to buy it separately.

Controversy over the type of cable

What did seem to infuriate many, especially the previous generation iPhone buyers , is that the cable that Apple incorporated in its devices had one end finished in USB-C and not in the classic USB-A. In the end, this standard is the one that allows a more efficient and even faster charge, being more and more universal and therefore a step by Apple that does not seem wrong either.

However, there are those who believe that Apple did not take into account that whoever had bought an iPhone XS or earlier, what they had at home was a USB-A power adapter, so in the end they could not use the cable that came with it. the iPhone 12 and that ultimately continued to arrive with subsequent versions. It is true that whoever had an iPhone 11 Pro already had an adapter with this USB-C standard, but there were more who made the leap from previous generations.

cable iphone

A intermediate solution would have been to allow choosing the type of cable, although we intuit that perhaps this would have implied greater logistical difficulties for the company. And while it is true that it does not seem serious in any case, it was a fact that somewhat dismantled the company's argument that most had compatible adapters at home.

There were also those who even complained that the Lightning was still present as an iPhone port instead of making the leap to USB-C there as well, like the vast majority of Android manufacturers. However, this is a different issue that does not have much to do with the elimination of the charging adapter. Moreover, it is very possible that if this transition had been made, it would have also generated controversy on the part of those who store several cables with the already classic Lightning.

Lawsuits and fines the company has received

Beyond simple complaints in chats with friends, in forums or social networks, this elimination of the iPhone charger has also led Apple to receive the occasional lawsuit. Although, yes, we must ignore the United States. Several have been registered in this country and although we do not intend to downplay them, we must recognize that it is a territory that is characterized by being a country with a high level of demands on companies and not always for justified purposes.

Where if we believe that a lawsuit has had relevance is in Brazil . And it is that in the country of Rio de Janeiro, a judicial resolution was made public in March 2021 in which this strategy was branded as abusive when it was understood that Apple exercised malpractice for marketing a smartphone without an essential and necessary accessory for its operation, such as the charging adapter. This gave the company a $2 million fine and the obligation to include the charger with the purchase of an iPhone.

news iphone denounces brazil

In other territories like Chili There were also several individual and collective complaints, considering that they violated local laws. These establish that electronic devices such as these must include the essential accessories for their operation. After studying the case, the country's Superintendency of Electricity and Fuel ruled that Apple would not be required to include the power adapter , being considered sufficient with the charging cable.

More particular is the case of France , a country in which there has also been some complaint in this regard, but which has ultimately failed. What does happen in France is that Apple is required by law to include the other removed accessory: the EarPods. That is why any iPhone purchased in this place will not have an adapter, but the classic wired headphones. Of course, the original packaging is maintained and these are delivered in individual packaging.

Other companies have imitated the strategy

For better or worse, there have been plenty of times when Apple has set the pace in the tech industry. And once the ban was opened by not incorporating power adapters, there were other companies that joined in doing the same just a few months later.

It is the case of Samsung and Xiaomi , companies that actually made fun of Apple in some of their profiles on social networks because of this fact, having to eliminate them months later when they saw that their respective companies did the same. Of course, it must be said that according to the controversy that they also generated, they did not carry out the same strategy as Apple or at least not exactly.

In these cases the option is given to choose or not the charger Without aditional costs. In this way, these companies have left the decision on the user's roof, claiming to promote environmental measures, but without depriving the user of what they consider a key accessory. Those who have definitively withdrawn it are the Google Pixel , which also do not include this element without offering any other alternative in the purest Apple style.

Other key questions on this matter

At this point and once the history of this decision is known, it is possible that you have some doubts about it. In the following and final sections we will give you an answer to this.

Have they dropped in price for this reason?

It is logical to think that if previously an iPhone cost X money in exchange for the device itself and all its accessories, now it may cost less for not including all of them. And as incredible as it seems, there is no clear answer before this question.

If we look only at the price, without looking at anything else, we see that it really they have not lowered the price and that in some cases has even risen. However, if other factors are taken into account, such as the features that have been introduced since then (5G, MagSafe technology, ProMotion, battery improvements, etc.) could be justified. Kind of like I don't include an adapter or headphones, but I give you these expensive technologies in return.

iPhone price

Although again we insist that in the end Apple has never commented on this. Calculating the real cost of an iPhone is really complicated because, regardless of whether Apple is one of the companies that obtains the highest percentage of profit, we cannot know exactly how much it costs to manufacture it. And it is that it must be taken into account that the direct cost of the materials must be added to other Indirect costs such as R+D+I, transport and storage expenses, employee salaries, payments to suppliers and a long and imprecise etcetera.

What should you do if you want a charger?

If you are going to buy an iPhone and you don't have a charging adapter at home, you obviously have a problem. You can always charge the device connected to a computer that it has USB-C, although perhaps it is not the most optimal or the most comfortable. At this point you have the option to buy the charger separately , either in official stores of the company or third parties.

You can also get one wireless charging pad that works using the Qi standard, since all iPhones on sale can be recharged in this way. Be that as it may, and if you accept advice at this point, we always recommend that they be MFi . These are the acronym for 'Made for iPhone', which is a certificate that Apple gives to those accessories that meet its quality standards, and can even obtain chargers that are sold by other sellers.

Why didn't they remove the cable as well?

Once Apple's exposition is understood and given that many users would also have their respective charging cables, you may wonder what is the reason that the cable is still included. And in this case it does respond to legal questions, since there are many countries where it is mandatory .

In fact, in those where Apple operates, they all include some kind of legal regulation that requires them to integrate at least the cable. Therefore, the reason why they continue to include it is obvious, and it is that this could cause them to receive endless lawsuits and fines that in the end force them to go back, while with the elimination of the adapter there are few territories where it has to adapt.

iphone charger

Are there more Apple devices without a charger?

Yes, and not only that, but devices of all kinds of other brands They also do not include these types of accessories. See, for example, the hundreds of Bluetooth headphones on the market, the vast majority of which integrate the charging cable without adding a charging adapter. It also happens with many smartwatch .

And returning to the products of the apple company, precisely those two product niches are the ones that do not include a charging adapter either. The AirPods , whatever the range, they only include a Lightning to USB-C cable identical to that of the iPhone without a charger. The same happens with the Apple Watch , although in a more particular way. These were also included, but since the same year as the iPhone (2020) they were no longer integrated except for the versions of Hermès that still wear it.

AirPods charging battery

Other devices like iPad and MacBook They still integrate a charging adapter. It is unknown if at some point they will also dispense with this accessory, but considering that they are less mainstream products, it is likely that they will continue to be maintained as they have been up to now.