This is my personal experience with iOS 11 GM — 2022

Tomorrow Apple iOS 11 will be released for all users who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod compatible with this version of the operating system. This operating system It's been several months between betas that we've been testing all of us who have developer profiles or are public beta testers. Last Tuesday, at the end of the keynote where was presented iPhone X , the final version of iOS 11 for developers has been released , which will be the same one that will be released tomorrow, with the exception of Apple. In this article I tell you my personal experience with this GM, answering your questions.

To start with, I have a iPhone 6s, and the installation I made of this GM was after formatting the terminal, so as not to drag all the useless files from previous betas, to be able to enjoy an optimal experience, as we recommend to all of you who install iOS 11 tomorrow.

I must emphasize, as always, that this is a personal experience of what I see in my terminal, certain bugs may not appear on your devices, and this GM will do great for you, or there will even be people who will do worse than me. It is therefore, I invite you all to leave me in the comment box what your own experience is.

These are the bugs that I have seen in this final version of iOS 11

The main bug that I have seen in this iOS 11 GM is one related to the home screen. When I scroll between screens, the app icons overlap each other, leaving the screen split in two. Something very rare and that should not happen in this final version. And of course, so that it is clear to you what I am talking about, I leave you a screenshot below.

As you see, It is not normal for this to happen in a GM, although obviously, I await your opinions in the comment box. To this is also added various visual failures when opening certain applications that I have not been able to capture in a screenshot.

Of course, the already traditional bug with the control center and 3D Touch. When we deactivate WiFi or Bluetooth in the control center, this does not translate to reality, as it will only disconnect from the network to which it is connected but will not deactivate either WiFi or Bluetooth. The same thing happens when we do 3D Touch in Settings, which will not allow us to select another network, as if it were not looking for it. This forces us to enter Settings manually.

I am also having various problems with the Do not disturb mode while driving , which I have automatically so that when I register that I am driving, this mode is activated and I do not receive any type of notification. This sometimes does not happen, and is not activated automatically , and suddenly while you're driving your mobile phone rings when you think you won't get any type of notification. This should already be quite polished in these months after so many reports.

Do Not Disturb While Driving sends predefined messages to anyone who tries to contact you while you're driving.

And since it could not be missing, the autonomy . This has been seen in my terminal quite diminished, although I try to save as much as I can by removing various applications that drain the iPhone battery such as Facebook, which have disappeared from my terminal. Despite this, he The autonomy leaves much to be desired, since when I pick up the iPhone in the morning, after half an hour it has already spent 30% without doing any tasks with it.

In my opinion, Apple should have released a second GM before releasing the final version tomorrow Well, if they don't fix these bugs and some more, tomorrow at 19:00 there will be many complaints on social networks that will force them to release iOS 11.1. And I repeat, this is my personal opinion. I have seen in comments that many of you are the ones who also report failures of this style and others that it is perfect for you. As I say, each iPhone is a world and I invite you to leave me in the comment box both me and all those who have this doubt about how iOS 11 final version works for you.