This is all you can do with the HomePod — 2022

If you are hesitating to buy a HomePod, it is surely because you do not know exactly what use you can give it in your day. In this article we are going to try to compile the most notable functions of the HomePod, with audio quality being one of the most notable.

Use it as a classic speaker

If we are talking about a smart speaker, obviously one of its main functions is undoubtedly to listen to music or any other type of audio. For its size, 18 centimeters high It has amazingly good sound quality. In the upper part we find a speaker dedicated exclusively to bass with a set of six microphones to have an equalization system to analyze the room. This is tremendously interesting because it allows the HomePod to know its location. With this information, the loudspeaker will interpret where it should transmit the audio in order to offer the most satisfactory quality possible.

In the central part we find six microphones that will allow us to invoke Siri from anywhere in the house. Something tremendously interesting is that we can invoke Siri even if the music is very loud or you are almost on the other side of the house. In this way, you can control everything that the speaker is playing through the assistant without having to manually download the music beforehand with the controls on the top. Finally, in the lower part there are seven tweeters with beamforming technology, each with its own amplifier. The situation of these loudspeakers makes it possible to offer a 360º sound totally enveloping.

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It is for all this that the HomePod has become one of the best speakers on the market for its audio quality. This is why if you are looking to enjoy your favorite songs, this is the ideal speaker to do so.

What can be streamed on the HomePod

There are many applications that are compatible with the HomePod to be able to play content. One of them is FaceTime with which we can make a call from the HomePod and also easily answer it thanks to its microphones. With a simple voice command we can call our family or friends with incredibly good quality.

Apple Music It also becomes an essential application to be able to play music on the HomePod thanks to its integration with the ecosystem. Although this is not the only compatible music app, since Spotify is also supported and Siri can be asked to play content in these kinds of apps.

Integration with the application TuneIn also allows play radio content national or international. The only negative is that sometimes we must have the application installed on our iPhone for it to respond correctly. In addition to TuneIn, iHeartRadio and apps are also supported.

HomePod 2 patent appears

Another of the most important aspects of the HomePod, along with playing music, are the Podcast . We have seen how in recent months the podcasts have been gaining more and more strength and that is why playing them on the HomePod is something that can be done perfectly, from the iPhone itself or by invoking Siri as we will see later.

The ambient sounds They are also one of the great points of this HomePod and that it came later with a software update. With this function we can ask Siri to play relaxing sounds of the sea, rain, birdsong to be able to sleep perfectly.

Use HomePod as a speaker for your TV

If you have a TV that supports AirPlay technology, you can connect it to HomePod to enjoy amazing sound. But here not everything is left since thanks to AirPlay 2 we can connect up to two different speakers to have a totally surround sound. This is not a function that is only for televisions since it is also compatible with the iPhone or iPad itself. With a simple touch we can play audio content on two HomePods at the same time regardless of their location. In addition, these two HomePods communicate in an extremely intelligent way to always have coordinated playback.

Stream your songs from iPhone to HomePod

One of the most interesting functions that the HomePod can have and that will help you on a day-to-day basis is the ease with which you can transfer content from the iPhone to the HomePod. If you come in from the street listening to a song or making a phone call with your iPhone, you can transfer it to HomePod simply by bringing your iPhone closer to it. Automatically, through the NFC chip, confirmation will be requested to pass this audio content to the HomePod and we will be able to continue with the call or with that song no problem. All this can be done from the control center of the iPhone or iPad or from the settings of the television or Apple TV.

Siri, the smart side of HomePod

Most of the functions that the HomePod has are based on Siri. Although it is undoubtedly a great speaker to be able to play our music or make phone calls, it will also help us on a day-to-day basis. Everything from planning the next day to staying up-to-date with today's events is possible with Siri.

Listen to music

We have previously talked about how music playback is vital in the day-to-day life of a speaker with these characteristics. With Siri we can carry out an exhaustive control of the reproduction through Apple Music, and if we include ‘Spotify’ at the end it will play through this app. Some of the commands that we can use to reproduce this type of content include:

  • Play '24K Magic' in random order
  • Play the latest David Guetta album
  • play my music
  • Reproduce la canción que dice ‘Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want
  • play music for dinner
  • Play the top 10 songs in the world
  • Plays the number 1 song from April 1, 1976
  • Play hits from the 90s
  • Play the latest Twenty One Pilots hit
  • Add this song to my library
  • Add this album to my library
  • Add this song to the playlist 'My amazing playlist

Another important thing we can do is play a radio station through Siri and some of the external apps. The commands that can be used are:

  • Reproduce Beats 1
  • Reproduce Rocket Hour, de Elton John
  • Create a radio station for Gorillaz
  • Play Top Forty station


Plan the day to day

With Siri you can have your entire agenda planned with the best possible information since it admits a series of questions that we can all ask ourselves every morning. One of the great tasks that Siri has on the HomePod is the weather information to know if we need to bring an umbrella or not. Among the questions that we can ask you followed by the 'Hey Siri' command are:

  • What will the weather be like tomorrow?
  • What temperature is it in my location?
  • Do I need an umbrella for today?

Sometimes we have questions about whether the supermarket has already closed or we want something new to be discovered. This is why we can ask the following questions about it:

  • Where is a good Mexican food restaurant?
  • What time does the Apple Store close?
  • Where is the nearest gas station?

Leaving home we also have questions about the traffic what is in our area. This is vital to know how long it will take to reach our destination, and thanks to Apple Maps and Siri we can be aware of this. Among the questions we can ask are:

  • How's the traffic on the way to work?
  • How is the traffic in my area?
  • How long will it take to get to work?
  • What is the fastest way to get to the airport from here)

Cook with Siri

We always miss a little help in the kitchen, and Siri can help us in the kitchen. There are many queries that we can make such as measuring ingredients, set timers or even obtain nutritional information of the food that we are going to eat. Among the commands that stand out we find:

  • How many milliliters are in a cup?
  • Convert 2 cups to ounces
  • How many teaspoons are there in a tablespoon?
  • How many grams are in a pound?
  • Set a 45 minute timer for the rice
  • Set another timer for 15 minutes
  • How much time is left on the rice timer?
  • Pause the rice timer
  • How many calories are in an ounce of cheddar cheese?
  • How much caffeine is in coffee?
  • How much fiber does broccoli have?

Check the news

It is always important to stay informed to start the day. Can change the news source that we are consulting through the media with which we are more akin. Among the commands that stand out for the HomePod we collect the following:

  • What is the news today?
  • Give me the latest sports news
  • What basketball games are there?
  • Who is the leader of the Bundesliga at the moment?
  • How is the stock market today?
  • What is Apple's market capitalization?
  • How is the London Stock Exchange today?
  • Compare AAPL and the NASDAQ

Translate with Siri

If you're reading something in another language and have a question about a translation, you can ask Siri. Through a series of commands we can use the bilingual side of Siri:

  • How do you say 'nice to meet you' in Mandarin?
  • How do you say 'thank you' in Italian?
  • How do you say 'Good morning' in German?