This iPhone app unites all membership cards into one — 2022

Physical cards are gradually disappearing from today's environment. The fact of not having to always carry them with you is something that greatly accommodates the user experience. To be able to give this transition there are some interesting applications. One of them is Stocad, and in this article we will tell you all the details about why you should use this interesting application.

Having many cards, a problem?

There are many businesses that today have different loyalty cards. With these you can accumulate points and even money for future purchases. The big problem that can arise in these cases is that physical cards are a big problem in the end. The fact of always having to carry all of them with you with the excuse of 'just in case' means that you always carry a rather bulky bag. This obviously is not at all comfortable on a day-to-day basis, as it is undoubtedly a great weight and an inconvenience.

loyalty card

That is why right now, with advances in technology, the goal is not to always have to carry any type of physical card with you. These cards are normally identified through a simple bar code in each of the establishments or a QR code. That is why all these can be condensed in a single place in order to avoid having to carry all the cards except the DNI to be able to identify yourself if necessary. Although, taking them in simple photographs is not the most comfortable thing in the world and that is why there are applications that try to concentrate them so that access is much faster. It can be said that it is something that is very similar to the experience you have with Wallet to store credit cards or even airline tickets. This application that we are going to comment on is called Stocard and then we will tell you all its functionalities.

Add all merchants to Stocard

As soon as you enter the application from minute 0 you can have a large list of businesses that you can enter. From hypermarkets to gas stations you can have access to endless establishments that have a loyalty card. This can all be found at first with basic recommendations such as Carrefour, Decathlon, IKEA, Dia, Leroy Merlin... but there are certainly endless possibilities. Through the search engine that is integrated you can track any type of business in a very simple way.

When selecting it, it will ask you for the necessary permissions to be able to register the card. Specifically, it has two systems. The first of them is the one that makes use of the camera to be able to scan the barcode that is integrated into the card so that it is fully registered. If, due to what may happen, the barcode is not detected with the camera itself, it can be entered manually by copying the number that appears under the barcode. In this way it will be fully registered in the application.


Added to this is also the possibility of taking several photographs of the card from the front and from the back and always having them in the application. This is useful in the event that the reader does not work correctly in the store itself, having the photograph to verify the original. Having it in an app is obviously much more convenient than having it in the iPhone's own Photos app.

Once added to the home screen you will be able to access all the cards. When clicking on it, the corresponding barcode will appear to show in the store so that the points can be registered.

Integration with points and coupons

But the application obviously if they do not integrate the coupons is something that is undoubtedly somewhat misplaced. Some businesses have agreements with Stocard to be able to integrate seamlessly with all these functionalities. That is why when accessing all the data, you can log in to the official website of each of the businesses in order to access all the coupons. These have a barcode that will help you show it at the checkout. They are updated with each of the purchases that are made. To this is also added all the points that you accumulate with each of the purchases. In this way you do not have to enter the official application of the trade in each of the occasions but everything will be centralized.


The problem in this case is that you always have to have integration with your own business to have this type of interaction. Little by little, more and more businesses are added, although in some cases it is also compensated by the inclusion of the most outstanding offers of the business. That is to say, you will be able to have access from the application to the brochures of different hypermarkets to be able to have much more extensive data to be able to make our purchases in a more intelligent way.

Synchronization and security

And obviously all this information must be synchronized with all the devices you have in your possession. That is why in Stocard you can create an account in a very simple way, being able to register with email and even with the Apple ID. This means that all the cards that are registered in your account can be transferred to another device simply by logging in, ensuring that the information is always safe.


In addition, in order to prevent anyone from accessing your cards, they can be protected in the best possible way. That is why the application allows you to protect access through Face ID or Touch ID. In this way, whenever you want to access your cards, you must enter with this security system. Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable and safest way for only you to use this type of card.