This concept of the iPhone 8 projects the best screen in a smartphone — 2022

From Macrumors We get a new concept of iPhone 8, totally different from what we could see a few days ago. This time, the mockup comes from a source that has been successful in its designs on several occasions.

New concept of iPhone 8

A few days ago, some 3D designs of what the iPhone 8 could look like could be seen online, clearly seeing the reduction in its frames. Now, new leaks are coming out, which are obviously not confirmed, from KK Sneak Leaks.

From your account Twitter , have shared a new design, somewhat different from what we could see last week.

Left, previous concept. Right KK Sneak Leaks concept

As you can see, the designs are quite far apart in terms of where they place the Touch ID or the thickness of the frames. They are completely different designs. in that sense.

The characteristics of the iPhone 8, according to this concept

The first thing that stands out are the measurements, and that is that they are practically identical to those of the current iPhone 7 . All measurements except thickness appear. Said measurements are 137.54 mm high by 67.54 mm wide.

iPhone 8 Concept

As for the frames or bezels, it can be seen that they hardly stand out on the front, since they measure 4mm. The screen diameter would be almost 5.8″ , as rumored. And if we look at the upper frame, something curious is that the entire FacaTime headset and camera area is put literally inside the screen, without subtracting size from it.

In that same place, we see several sensors. Could one of them be the facial recognition sensor? In any case, there are certain things that are a bit ambiguous, since in the render on the left these sensors appear as something physical, but in the image on the right they disappear.

Touch ID integrated into the screen

There are many rumors of an integrated Touch ID on the back of the iPhone, but in this case they integrate it into the screen itself, something that many of us prefer rather than having it on the back.

But if you look closely, you don't see any physical button, which would make use of the technology that implement Touch ID on the screen itself , as a virtual button.

Even so, there are too many rumors that Apple would not fully control this technology and would choose to put it in the back, to enjoy.

vertical chambers

What both designs do agree on is the vertical camera, which they say would help create 3D images more easily.

The design completely changes in the concept that we have in the current Plus model of the iPhone 7, with its horizontal cameras. There is a difference of opinion, since some love and hate this new concept of vertical cameras at the same percentage.

As I always say, there are still many months to go before we can see the final design of the iPhone 8, but until then, a lot of concepts will continue to come out based on the rumors that are circulating. Who will get the most design and features right?