This iOS concept lets us see a much smarter Siri — 2022

After the last WWDC, most of us agreed that Siri had been forgotten by not receiving any kind of redesign or improvement in its intelligence, except for the addition of recipes, something that has brought a long controversy among all. A new concept of iOS created by Kévin Eugène us shows a new aspect of Siri added to an improvement in its intelligence. We are not going to see new commands, but a different way of seeing our voice assistant that is much more useful for the user in his day to day.

A new concept shows us an improved Siri

What this designer proposes is that Siri is always working in the background and appear if necessary in a non-inclusive way with a notification on top. Currently Siri occupies the entire screen, something that is inclusive enough to show us a response line on some occasions.

Kévin Eugène shows us in the previous images how he asks Siri to show images of Japan at the same time that he is talking to a friend via iMessage who has requested these photos. Siri will know that we are talking to a friend by text message, so when this notification is displayed, it will show us all the photos that we have requested with a blue button that It will allow us to send all the photographs directly to our contact.

Another example that has been collected in MacRumors is based on power take pictures of a specific conversation to be able to send them in an email.

In the last example to highlight, we can see a Improved copy/paste function. With a simple instruction we can tell Siri to copy a text for us and paste it in a note on our iPhone or in a new mail without having to change the application.

If you want to see more examples you can go to the designer's website and observe all the images that have been posted about it.

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