This iOS app helps you record everything about your menstrual cycle and pregnancy — 2022

Having a control of the menstrual cycle or ovulation is something that can be vital for any woman with the aim of having control over her reproductive health. In a traditional way, this process can be done with paper and a pen on a paper or calendar. But if you want to have an intelligent and automatic system, you can use some applications. One of them is Clue and in this article we break down how it works.

Initial setup

With the Clue application you will go one step further than simply having control over your menstruation. At the beginning you will have to fill out a small questionnaire with interesting data such as your last menstruation, the contraceptive method you use or if it is something regular. In this way, the algorithm that is integrated will be used to be able to predict when you should have your period again or the reminder to take the contraceptive pill.


While you don't have your period you can also see your ovulation cycle. In this calendar you will be able to know which day it is more likely that you can get pregnant if this is your wish. Obviously this is achieved after extensive data collection in order to determine what your exact cycle is.

Record of your sexual health

Clue is not only limited to the day you have your period, but you can make a daily record of everything you are feeling. You can choose between its options if you have had a bleed, you have taken the pill, you have pain and even if you have had sexual intercourse. Within all these situations you will be able to detail the situation in a much more specific way, such as the type of bleeding, the specific emotion you have had or if you have forgotten the pill that day.


In this way you can record all the symptoms you have over a month. This can be really interesting for your GP and even your gynaecologist. On many occasions it can be useful since you do not always have memories of what happened on a specific day. Apart from having a clear pattern of your cycle, the objective that Clue has is to be able to avoid pregnancy with all the notifications that can reach you about taking contraceptives and you will even have a forum and blog where you can make different inquiries about all these topics. . This community is full of women with whom you can identify in your personal situations and can find some help.

Effective notification system

The Clue application stands out in addition to its registration, also for the notification system. It is focused so that you do not forget at any time to carry out a detailed follow-up of all possible events. This is really useful especially if you have to take some kind of contraceptive medication or you don't remember to record your menstrual cycle.


In addition, at all times you will be able to know how many days you have left of your cycle and when your next menstruation is scheduled to come. The application can also give you a warning in the event that it is possible that you are pregnant because your period has not come, always being related to the age that you enter when configuring the application.

Track your pregnancy

In the event that you are not menstruating because you are pregnant, Clue can also be very helpful. By changing a simple option you will have access to a new panel that will be dedicated to giving you exhaustive control over the entire pregnancy period. At any time you will be able to know what phase you are in, when it is time for you to leave the deadline and even the registration of different symptoms. If you feel any specific discomfort or pain, you can have it registered with a description that you provide. In this way you can make the consultation with your gynecologist about what is happening.


As in the previous case, the registration is done through a simple calendar, being able to add bleeding, nausea, pain and even moods. In the end, it remains in a record that you yourself can take with you, saved as a good memory. And you will also have a forum and blog dedicated to pregnancy with all the information you need to know about what is happening inside your body.

This is a feature that is within the premium subscription that it will cost you 5.99 euros per month 23.99 euros per year . In addition to having extra functions you can also collaborate with a part of the subscription in research on menstrual health.