This famous iPhone 7 Plus commercial just won an award — 2022

Many of you will remember the mythical commercial of the iPhone 7 Plus in a barbershop, where they show us the benefits of the Plus model in its portrait mode.

A rather original advertisement that allowed us to portray to a person with an extraordinary quality and adding a very novel effect in the iPhone camera.

Well, thanks to this commercial, Apple has been awarded the ADC award in New York City in various categories . Without a doubt, a very successful recognition for the originality to present us with this new (at that time) portrait mode.

The famous iPhone 7 ad

The ad in question is titled Barbers , where they show us how a photograph becomes very famous by changing the look of its clients and photographing them with the iPhone 7 Plus in its portrait mode . Word quickly spreads through the neighborhood and horrific queues form. All this accompanied by a very close musical theme to give a nice touch to this story.

This commercial was released in May 2017 , where on Apple's YouTube channel, it has almost 9 million views. This number at the moment is only being surpassed (at the commercial level) by the short film by Siri with The Rock , of course, without counting the launches of the new iPhone.

The recognitions that Apple has achieved with this commercial, have been the award-winning Film Craft, Black Cube and Gold Cube. This, so that we understand each other, would be the most important mentions of the event Art Directors Club (ADC), where the producer Furlined was in charge of bringing this story to life.

Apple he usually makes very striking commercials, where we already know that he is selling us a product itself. Nor does it bombard us with the expeditions that incorporate the new devices, sells us an experience and results. Something very difficult to achieve, especially if we want to entertain and do it in a minimum amount of time.

Do you remember this commercial?