This flaw in WhatsApp would give a tool to a stalker to know who you are talking to — 2022

WhatsApp security is in question and today a vulnerability has emerged that would give wings to a stalker who has a lot of free time to know who you are talking to and know your sleep rhythms thanks to your activity on WhatsApp and to a Chrome extension that is very easy to use. Anyone with minimal technical understanding and a laptop will be able to use it against you.

This is how this bug works in WhatsApp

What is this application defect based on? Basically in the state of the last connection and online status As we know, it is normally used to know if someone is connected to WhatsApp or the last time they have been in the application. Can you tell me if this bug is fixed? removing the option last time, but it wouldn't do any good because it is impossible to remove the happy Online, which cannot be hidden in any case. Using this data and a few lines of code you can record all your activity and search for matches with another user. This would let you know who you are talking to.

The engineer Rob Heaton has been the one who has opened our eyes regarding this failure that WhatsApp appears. He has described this perfectly in his blog, whose entry I invite you to read. What this simply does is create a very simple code in a Chrome extension and using WhatsApp Web it is able to record all the activity of your contacts in the messaging service. By doing this, we will have a perfectly detailed history of when you use WhatsApp. Namely, will know what time you go to sleep and what time you get up r because we always use this application at the end of our day and at the beginning of the next.

It is also easy to create patterns since if you send a message, you will go Online, and the receiver of that message is very likely to also go Online to respond to you, in many cases, although obviously not in all. This will be fully registered and if you are somewhat meticulous you can create a network of a stalker psychopath, which is what worries us about this bug.

Imagine the situation where the person you like you think is talking to another person from your same circle of friends. You have the WhatsApp contacts of both and you can record all their activity from both to see if there are enough matches. You can get out of this if they talk to each other.

I am well aware that it sounds like a fictional movie, but it would not be the first time that we have seen a case of harassment due to control of social networks, as is the case of certain couples with a member who is quite controlling. The line of code has been revealed, and to give you an idea it is as simple as this:


And to give you an idea, the engineer who discovered this has done something that anyone could do to detect matches. A cardboard with the days of the week and crossing out the coincidences.

We hope that WhatsApp is aware of this and fixes it as soon as possible.