This Black Friday would have sold 6 million units of the iPhone X — 2022

We are in the hangover of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday and it is time to take stock of what has been sold on these dates full of offers. Many people has already chosen to buy Christmas gifts mainly giving away technology, like Apple products. Today the analysts Rosenblatt have given a very interesting number of Apple products that have been sold on these dates, with several million iPhone X.

Almost 6 million iPhone X sold this weekend

Rosenblatt's study has revealed today that a total of 15 million iPhones have been sold, and of these 6 million would have been iPhone X. Something curious is that of these iPhone X that have been sold the vast majority are 256 GB, with 64 GB being in second place.

Many users have taken advantage of the discounts that have been seen in numerous third-party stores, because at Apple they have done a simulation of Black Friday because the result has been quite mediocre with a discount pretty fake. Now, these iPhones have to be sent and these would be sent before Christmas with total security.

For this shipment to be so fast, the production chain must be working at 100%, something that it is doing it is estimated that they would be producing about 3 million units a week currently being able to increase in December to 4 million.

Users are throwing themselves for the new Apple flagship although the price doesn't help too much , but the great benefits that it incorporates seems to be that they have conquered a large number of people.

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