They date the folding iPhone and even the MacBook — 2022

Apple seems to be in no hurry with the launch of what would be its first folding iPhone. They do not care if brands like Samsung or Huawei are already ahead of them, since they seem to be confident that their device will be better. Or at least that makes us think that, according to various reports, they are delaying its launch so much at the cost of continuing to develop it.

We already knew things about the folding iPhone

A little over a year ago it was leaked that Apple had taken for granted some demanding resistance tests to two prototypes of folding smartphone. Tests that consisted neither more nor less than putting the hinge into play with thousands and thousands of opening and closing exercises.

Of the two prototypes in question we did not know schematics or even renders, but sources close to the company stated that one responded to the already classic folding format in the style of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and that the other was more in shell format, although not with a fold, but would have at least two.

Foldable iPhone concept (unofficial)

However, these tests did not seem to indicate anything imminent. All sources close to Apple with information about it have placed this device in 2023 or 2024 at least, stating that the company's roadmap with this device is like this because of the high demand they have. On the one hand, they do not want to disappoint the public and on the other they want to make sure that this format is not a fad, but a technology of the future that will end up being standardized.

Now they place it, at least, in 2025

Ross Young, who works as an analyst for Display Supply Chain Consultants, is currently 100% correct in his forecasts related to Apple. Therefore, every time he talks about the Californian company he is watched carefully. Well, in these last few hours he has talked about the foldable iPhone and his forecasts indicate that we will have to wait longer.

It is not that the previous information was wrong, but that as we are in a development process that is not yet very advanced, the company has decided to delay it. And it is that, according to Young, this decision would respond to an analysis of the situation by Apple and that it would have already communicated to the supply chain.

They also explore the idea of ​​a giant MacBook

Young's forecasts not only give us a glimpse of the possible plans of those from Cupertino with a smartphone of this type, but even those with a smartphone have advanced. Foldable MacBook up to 20 inches (hence the name giant).


Always according to this analyst, this computer would count as a new product category of the company, capable of functioning as a normal laptop with a physical keyboard and, once folded, as a monitor. We do not know if this could be tactile and become that long-awaited hybrid between iPad and MacBook, since it has not revealed too much data either, although it did state that it could allow 4K and higher resolutions.

Now, if the iPhone is delayed to 2025 at least, the forecast with this hypothetical Mac is no more promising. Young places it in a period that goes from 2025 a 2027 . It could even depend on the interest that the folding iPhone arouses first, so it is not entirely clear if this other device will end up becoming a reality.