Are they going to introduce Apple Glass? These are the clues we have — 2022

It's official that theWWDC 2021It will be held from June 7 to 11, being the opening day in which Apple will broadcast a live event presenting iOS 15, macOS 12 and the rest of the software for its devices. However, the hardware could also have a place with a new smaller Mac Pro and, augmented reality glasses? We analyze the possibility of seeing the Apple Glass in this event, since the company could have given some clue in its invitation.

Jon Prosser already predicted something for WWDC 2021

Despite having been left without eyebrows for his bet on an event on March 23, which did not happen, analyst Jon Prosser remains one of the most relevant sources in the rumor landscape around Apple. several months ago he claimed having been able to see photos of the Apple Glass prototypes and even dared to predict that at this year's WWDC we would see something. He did not play it by saying that they would be presented, but we can guess that he was referring to an introduction of concepts or even a preview of the development that is taking place. If we take into account reports from other sources, we can guess that it is not a product that is ready to be launched.

Apple could be giving clues about it

Apple is a company that perfectly dominates marketing and even the promotional materials are thought out to the millimeter to the point that on many occasions they have indirectly revealed some detail of its next launch. In the image with which he promotes this year's WWDC, we not only see a Memoji attached to a MacBook and with his mouth open in surprise (a wink also to his vice president Craig Federighi), but we also see glasses carried by that Memoji and in which the day, month and year of the event are reflected.

WWDC 2021

Last year the Memoji were already used in front of MacBook in a clear sign that it was the company's first event broadcast 100% online for health reasons, but in the end it also served to anticipate that the Macs would have a lot to say in that event thanks to the new macOS 11 that was presented then and to the preview of the Apple Silicon that would end up being launched at the end of 2020. This time there is one more curiosity and that is that all the Memojis used by Apple to represent this event wear glasses, something that is not It happened last year and it is at least curious.

It could simply be a resource to be able to show a reflection of the date of WWDC 2021, but inevitably we remember information like Prosser's and we tend to fit pieces. Could this event really serve as a preview of one of Apple's most relevant products for the future? It has been many years showing augmented reality actions, additions of LiDAR sensors on iPad and iPhone, so the company could give us some information about this project this year, just as it did last year with its ARM chips.

At the moment everything is conjecture and, luckily or unfortunately, we will not know anything until that very day. As these projects are carried out entirely in the Apple Park, there are more remote possibilities of leaking information, so very interesting surprises could come for both developers and users themselves.