These will be the Emojis that could arrive in 2019 — 2022

More and more frequently we express ourselves with Emojis in our day to day through the different social networks. Emojipedia today published the list of the candidate emojis to land on our devices in 2019. Obviously there is still a long time to see these Emojis released but who knows if we will see them in iOS 13.

What Emojis do we have in Unicode 11?

In February Emojipedia n confirmed that this year we would see a total of 150 new Emojis that will end up arriving officially on June 5, one day after the presentation of iOS 12, so it is logical that we see it both in this version of the operating system as well as in macOS 10.14.

Before even seeing this year's emoticons we already have on the table what we will see even in 2019, that is, for iOS 13. The surprises that await us are very interesting, since we could even have in our hands send a flamingo.

The list of emoticons that we will see in 2019 We can see them on the official website of Emojipedia where they have published a list with all these emoticons that we hope to see in the different technological devices in 2019, whenever companies decide to adopt Unicode 11, something that almost always happens.

But as we already commented in a post, iOS 12 is expected to arrive in September loaded with new emoticons that will convince us all although most of us limit ourselves to using the usual ones, the laughter and the flirting face. Although companies must obviously focus on improving the core of their operating systems, they always need to add a touch of humor with the Unicode update.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of the list of new emoticons and if you think you will use flamenco a lot to send a WhatsApp.