These Amazon deals before Black Friday may interest you — 2022

We are very close to Black Friday, and there are many establishments that are offering scandalous discounts before this day, as if they were sales. And of course, the most important online establishment such as Amazon has also put different products on sale and that I will try to collect in this post the most related to the Apple world and what you may need, and what better way to buy it than now with an incredible discount.

These are the offers that you should let us escape on Amazon for Black Friday

WD Passport 2TB hard drive for €79.99. Finding a quality, high-storage drive can be difficult at a low price. This 2TB hard drive has a scandalous price of €79.99 (when it is actually worth €109.99) , which in some cases can be the price of a 1TB hard drive. If you need a disk where you can make your backup copies, this is your chance. Buy it on Amazon here .

Hub QacQoc USB-C . If you have a MacBook or one of the latest MacBook Pros, you will surely require numerous adapters. to connect a normal USB or SD card. With this Hub from the renowned QacQoc brand, you can have everything in one and at a very affordable price compared to Apple adapters. We find two USB ports, a USB-C port for device recharging and an SD card reader, and all this with a price of €34.39, when its real price is almost €100. Buy it on Amazon here .

iPhone 8 64 GB for €698. Who would have thought that one of the latest iPhones that have been presented, such as the iPhone 8, could be found for €698. The base price in the Apple Store is €809, so this price that we have found on Amazon is more than good and more so seeing the prices of the iPhone X. Find it on Amazon here.

These are just some of the offers that I have found on Amazon and that I wanted to share with you because they are closely related to the world of Apple. In this link you can find many more offers of Black Friday on Amazon with scandal prices. Do not doubt that if we see something interesting in this week of bargains we will bring it to you at Apple5x1.