These iPhone apps help you find cheap flights — 2022

Both to go on vacation and for work reasons, surely on more than one occasion you have had to make a flight reservation. One of the priorities that is always present is that it cost as little as possible. To do this, you can use different applications whose mission is to find the best options at a reduced price.

Key features in these apps

Searching for a flight can be too cumbersome, although thanks to the iPhone and the applications that can be found in the App Store, this process can be made much easier. But there are many options that can be found right now in the App Store to carry out this simple process. The following characteristics must be taken into account in order to choose those applications that are most recommended:

    Available filters: in order to choose the best possible trip, you have to take into account that the applications must have a series of filters that allow you to adjust a series of criteria at all times to have the trip of your dreams. Here enters both the budget you have, the amenities you want to look for or also if you are interested in having extras. What can be booked: There are applications that are very diverse in the App Store with respect to what can be reserved. In some cases, only access to plane tickets is available, but you can also have applications that include hotels, buses or rental cars. Reservation facilities: when you are going to make a reservation, it is important to always look for an app that is easy to use. This is vital so that you are not lost in various menus to make a simple flight reservation, which can end up causing fatigue. Intuitive interface:It is also necessary that the application is not completely full of menus and routes that are almost impossible to follow, so having an intuitive interface or that the app offers a user guide at the beginning is more than essential.

Options focused solely on flights

It may be the case that you do not need to make hotel or train reservations to make your trip, and you only have to search for your flights. In this case, there are applications that are specialized in the flights that we show you below.

Cheap flights, book trips

Search and buy all kinds of flights in different companies. Above all, those flights that are cheap and regular will be highlighted so that you always have the best possible price. The really interesting thing is that you can compare the price of different companies and travel agencies. In this way you will not have to spend your time looking at different web pages that may not be something entirely productive.

The search engine is really complete since you can find incredible offers for more than 1000 airlines. If it is true that the reservation is not made through this application that acts as a simple comparator. To make the purchase, you always go to other pages such as Expedia, OneTrave or Vayama, among many others. In order to find the best possible trip you can apply different filters that are flexible.

Cheap Flights, Book Travel Cheap Flights, Book Travel Descargar QR-Code Cheap Flights, Book Travel Developer: Go Travel Un Limited


Find and book tickets at the best price thanks to this application. It connects with practically a thousand airlines to offer you the best possible results. The integrated search engine is quite efficient since destinations all over the world are included. In this way you can have at your fingertips all the cities to which you can travel, undoubtedly being a great opportunity for all travelers.

The service has exclusive rates that allow you to have a great level of flexibility for your tickets. This translates into having full cancellation possibilities on your flights in the event of a big problem. Added to this are many other customization options for your purchase rate. cheap flights cheap flights Descargar QR-Code cheap flights Developer: s.r.o

idealo flights

Search for flights quickly and easily thanks to this application. With the Idealo app you will find the best connections to reach your destination at the best possible price. Keep in mind that this is a free application to find the best ticket. The database includes hundreds of airlines and travel agencies that are constantly being updated. In a matter of seconds you can have a reliable result at the best possible price.

Different search filters are integrated to be able to choose airlines and also to choose the closest airports around you. In addition you can also find prices, arrival or departure times or if you want to have scales. In a clear way you will have information about the luggage and all the conditions that can be applied in the rate that you are going to contract at that moment.

idealo flights: cheap flights idealo flights: cheap flights Descargar QR-Code idealo flights: cheap flights Developer: ideal internet GmbH

Alternatives with many more booking options

In the event that you are looking to make a much broader reservation, which includes hotels, trains or a rental car, then we show you the best applications for this case.


If you are thinking of planning your trip, this is one of the best applications to take into account to organize absolutely everything. It has 90 million users who trust Skyscanner to be able to organize all the plans. From beginning to end you will be able to make the organization since you will have the options to reserve the hotels, trains and also the hotel where you are going to end up staying.

When you are traveling in a distant place, it is best to rent a car. In this application you can do it by comparing the price of the main companies that offer this type of service. All this can be done without any type of commission so that the reservation does not cost you more. And if you don't know where you're going to want to go on a trip, right now you can have a wide range of ideas to decide on the next destination.

Skyscanner: travel search engine Skyscanner: travel search engine Descargar QR-Code Skyscanner: travel search engine Developer: Skyscanner


Do everything you need to have a wonderful trip with this app. You can find cheap flights in the search engine that integrates more than 600 airlines for a single trip or also for the round trip. The wide variety of flights that are available makes it possible to travel a large number of kilometers from the destination itself. Without a doubt, this way you will find the ideal flight with the cheapest tickets possible.

In addition, the application allows you to make a reservation among a wide variety of hotels, specifically 2 million. Through the search engine you can find different chains such as Melià or Eurostars among others. And as in the previous cases, you can also find the possibility of renting a car between the different agencies and with really interesting prices for you with discounts through making the reservation through the service.

eDreams: Cheap Flights eDreams: Cheap Flights Descargar QR-Code eDreams: Cheap Flights Developer: eDreams


Book your next vacation through the KAYAK app. It offers you the possibility to search and compare thousands of offers from thousands of websites at the same time to find the best flight, hotel or rental car. A large number of filters are available in order to have the best possible result when making your trip. In a comfortable way you will choose the budget you have available and also the comforts you want both in hotels and on flights.

Beyond making reservations through this application you can also centralize all the necessary documentation. By this we mean the boarding passes, preventing them from being lost. Added to this is also information on the status of a flight in real time and other data such as the time of boarding, the gate or the security tape that you must follow.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels, Cars KAYAK Flights, Hotels, Cars Descargar QR-Code KAYAK Flights, Hotels, Cars Developer: KAYAK


Pioneering platform that operates a total of 35 hands with a single search. Save as much time as possible and also money so that you can spend it on having a more luxurious or longer vacation. You will discover new ways to travel with millions of possibilities to do it like never before. The application will make the reservation on the fly and you will have the tickets instantly in digital format.

The companies with which this application collaborates are of category. In addition to plane tickets, you can also find other options such as trains or buses. The companies that are associated are many and all of a high quality. In addition, at any time you can make changes and also cancel it in the event that you cannot attend your vacation.

Omio: Trains, buses and flights Omio: Trains, buses and flights Descargar QR-Code Omio: Trains, buses and flights Developer: GoEuro


Application that allows you to search and compare offers of flights, hotels and rental cars for free. At any time you can access and perform a search quickly to have all the data about what you are going to end up booking. In this application you can carry out this management with your plane ticket, hotel or car. With the included search engine you can have different filters to have a trip according to your tastes.

This is a service that will help you decide which is the best option, since a comparator is included. You will be able to access the prices of different relevant companies such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Volotea or Lufthansa. In a few steps you can have your flight reservation made as well as your hotel or your rental car.

Jetcost: flights, hotel, cars Jetcost: flights, hotel, cars Descargar QR-Code Jetcost: flights, hotel, cars Developer: Blue

Which one do we recommend?

We have seen that there are many applications that can be found in the App Store to purchase your flight at the lowest possible price. In the event that you are only interested in buying a flight without anything extra for your trip, one of the best options is Cheap flights. It has an advanced search engine in which you can compare the price of different transport companies that offer you a wide range of options to travel to different destinations, including international ones.

But if you are going to need to book your hotel to have the most complete trip possible, the ideal application to do so is Skyscanner . There are many filters available to intelligently choose everything you want to do on your vacation. In addition to the flight, you can choose between different hotel chains so that you can always stay at a competitive price. This is also added to the option of reserving a rental car for those days of travel.