These are the best tools to easily download videos from the web — 2022

We do not always have a quality internet connection or sometimes we simply do not have internet because we are traveling on a plane. In order to kill time during this time we resort to watching videos on the internet and when we are in a case like this where we have no possibility of connecting we must choose to download the videos on our device to be able to watch them offline. It is always advisable to have videos downloaded for those eternal waits without WiFi that we can have in our day to day.

Whenever we want to download videos on our Mac we ask ourselves the same question: what program do we trust? In order to save you this problem in this article we tell you the various alternatives with the best programs to download video on Mac that we have found.

Top 3 Video Downloader Tools for Mac

As we say, there are different alternatives on the web and after digging a bit into these tools we have decided to opt for three mainly that we are going to describe below.

iTube HD Video

We start this top with one of the tools that we liked the most because of the number of features that it gives us in addition to having a fairly clean and intuitive interface that is iTube HD Video. With this tool we can download videos from over 100 sites including YouTube, VEVO, Netflix or Twitch among many other major platforms. We will be able to download several videos at the same time in batches, with HD quality and we even have the possibility of activating a turbo mode that will make the videos download 3 times faster.

iTube HD video

If we want to change the download format we won't have to resort to another application since with iTube Studio we will be able to carry out this conversion quickly. In addition also we can process the video to play it on our Android or iOS device. allows evenconvert videos to mp3 on mac. And if you transfer it to a mobile device you can alsoconvert videos to mp3 on iPhone.

Total Video Downloader

Another of the alternatives that we can find on the net to download videos is Total Video Downloader, although it is partially free. In other words, if we want to enjoy all the functionalities of this software, we will have to go to the checkout and pay, although the free functions can be equally useful for the most basic downloads.

Total VideoWith Total Video Downloader you can download videos from different websites and in its latest update they have also enabled the option to download streaming videos. It is compatible with MP3, MPEG4, WAV and MP4 formats and its operation is really simple thanks to an intuitive and clean interface.

4K Video Downloader

The last tool of this top is 4K Video Converter which, as its name suggests, will give us the option to download video in 4K quality in a very simple way. We will be able to download both single videos and playlists to have a much more adequate user experience.

We will also have the option to transfer these downloaded videos to iTunes automatically for transfer them to our iPhone, iPad or iPod so we can take these downloaded videos with us anywhere. To all we must emphasize that an option called Smart Mode that will activate the most appropriate download options for each of our downloads so that our experience is much easier and faster.

How to download videos on your Mac thanks to iTube

Of these tools that we have discussed throughout this article, we believe that the most complete and easiest to use is iTube Video Downloader and that is why we are going to explain the steps you must follow to download a video from any platform thanks to this tool.

The first thing we must do is download iTube Video Downloader from the official website here. But this application does not work autonomously, but rather we will have to install the corresponding extension in our browser that we will find available for Chrome and in other browsers such as Safari or Firefox through the application itself in the Download tab.

Once we have the extension installed in our browser, we simply have to click on it when we are on a page where there is a video that we are interested in downloading. When doing this, a drop-down menu will appear to select the quality and it will directly start downloading in the app.

If you want to have more details about the video downloaders for Mac, we recommend you visit the iTube website to learn more about the tools it offers us.