These are the best deals we found on Amazon on the occasion of the sales — 2022

As is tradition, after Three Kings' Day in Spain, sales have begun with discounts in some shopping centers of up to 70%. And as, on amazon also we found quite interesting offers in matters of Informatic and tecnology . In this article I will show you some interesting products that you can find today on Amazon to complement your electronic device.

2,500 mAh rechargeable battery case for iPhone 6 and 6s

If you never want to run out of battery on the street by extending the autonomy of the battery thanks to your cover, this interests you. At Amazon today we find a case that incorporates a rechargeable battery of 2,500 mAh compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6s. In the official Apple store we can find this type of battery but for quite high prices.

On Amazon we found this battery in pink for €23.99 and in black and navy blue for €25.99 , which means a 60% discount . So, if you want to give your terminal more autonomy without having to carry the powerbank in your bag, for example, if not in the case itself, this is your opportunity.

Buy Housing with Rechargeable Battery from €23.99 on Amazon.

Charge your iPhone wirelessly vertically with this stand

Recharging your iPhone wirelessly and having it vertically is very comfortable . This allows you, for example, to watch multimedia content or make a FaceTime call while charging your device. I am using it right now, I think it is a very interesting accessory if you have a mobile compatible with this charging system.

On this occasion we find a vertical charging base for an incredible price: €14.39 , being compatible for all devices that have a Qi standard. In addition, it also incorporates fast charging. With this price, the discount is 61%.

Buy this wireless charger for €14.39 on Amazon.

Looking for a small wireless speaker? this might interest you

If you want to take your music with you and you are looking for a portable and small wireless speaker, this could be your product. The portable speaker ZENBRE M4 has technology Bluetooth 4.2 allowing you to connect to your device quickly and be able to go quite far without losing the connection.

The use is very simple incorporating a button to turn off / on and another to take calls, and this speaker has a built-in microphone to answer whoever calls you on your mobile. It is recharged through a micro-USB connection and also integrates an auxiliary output.

The price is €23.99 , and I have to say that it may not be the best speaker in the world, obviously, but it does its job quite well for the price it has on sale, and also the ratings on Amazon are all very positive.

Buy this Bluetooth speaker for €23.99

And remember, you can buy all these products without shipping costs and receive them in a few days if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime , which I recommend, since if you buy three-four things you are already amortizing it for the shipping costs. You can find all the offers that exist today here .

Leave me in the comments box that you are going to buy in these sales.