These are the best apps to record calls with your iPhone — 2022

If you are wondering about the possibility of recording calls in iOS, you should know that it is possible, although not natively. There are many applications available in the App Store that are used to make complete recordings with your voice and that of your interlocutor from the iPhone and even from an Apple Watch. We show you which are the most outstanding in this field so that you can make the most of them.

Legal warning about these apps

Before going on to talk about applications, it is convenient to know or remember what the laws say about recording calls. The law in Spain , since in other countries the regulations in this regard may vary, it does not pose problems so that we can register a telephone call with a tool or application such as the ones that we will mention. Of course, this can be given as long as the caller is informed about it and have your consent.

Generally, call recordings are used in companies in order to improve the quality of their customer service or as a way of giving legality to a verbal contract. Between individuals these recordings can be made to record something and in many cases they can even serve as evidence in a trial for harassment or similar, but these are very special cases and it must always be shown that the call has not been manipulated or the another person coerced into saying something so that it goes on the record. Our recommendation is that you always notify your interlocutor. It should be noted that regulations regarding this area may vary in other countries.

Must-Have Features

Before getting to know the applications, it is worth knowing what to expect from them and, above all, what you should be looking for. Adapting to your own needs, there are a number of factors like these that you should always keep in mind:

    Interface:the application can have more or less functions, but it must be intuitive and not cause a real headache to make it work or access its functions. Allows to start while recording:this is something fundamental and is that most of them usually act when a call comes in, something that is fine, but it is also interesting to have the option of being the one to start it whenever you want, even if the call has already started. Edit from the app:Being able to cut the recording of the part of the call that interests you from the app itself is one of the most interesting functions that you should look for, since it will save you a lot of time in other apps. Storage:The more versatile the app is in this regard, the better, and it's interesting that it has the option of not only storing the recordings on the iPhone itself, but also on external storage services such as the cloud. Synchronization:In line with the above, you should give more space to those that have synchronization with iCloud so that your calls are automatically saved in Apple's own cloud. Privacy:This is not a trivial matter and it is that the app must be trustworthy and you must make sure of the treatment they make of the data and that only you (and at most the interlocutor) have access to the recordings in a secure file. Price:Obviously this is a determining point, since on many occasions it will be key to choosing one app or another. There are free with advertising, one-time payment or monthly or annual subscription prices.

Can calls be recorded on iPhone natively?

The most comfortable thing we always want is to have the necessary functions installed natively in the operating system. That is why you have surely asked yourself more than once if there is any hidden function within iOS to be able to record calls. And unfortunately, the answer is no. Apple does not make things easy if you are interested in doing this process on your iPhone on a routine basis by forcing you to have to download one of the applications found in the App Store.

There are many reasons that may exist in this regard for Apple not to bet on this feature. One of them is quite evident and it is legality. As we have mentioned before, there are many countries in which there are many complications in their legislation when carrying out this action. That is why the company prefers not to offer this type of features and bet on the App Store where you can find many options as we will discuss throughout this article.

The most popular call recorders

Fortunately for all users, in the Apple application store there is always a wide variety of alternatives for each of the functions that a type of application can satisfy, and in this case it was not going to be less. That is why we begin this compilation with the most outstanding apps to record the calls you make through your iPhone.

call recorder

One of the most popular applications to record calls and whose characteristics have helped it to be awarded number 1 in many countries. It has versions for both the iPhone and the Apple Watch, so that we don't lose the possibility of recording calls if we are using other devices to make them.

It is also an excellent way of being able to store countless calls and review them at any time without having to take notes or notes if it is a very important call, something very useful for journalists who need to publish information about an interview they have done over the phone.

Call Recorder Record Call Recorder Record Descargar QR-Code Call Recorder Record Developer: Madduck

Call Recorder

Call Recorder

This application is one of the best known in the sector and despite having a paid version, it has the possibility of making up to 10 recordings per week completely free of charge. It has no limits in terms of the duration of the calls, so it would only depend on the available memory on the iPhone in which it is recorded. Ideal for all users who are not completely sure of the game they can get from the paid version.

Although the download of the recordings depends on the duration of the download and your Internet connection, on average it is usually very fast, around 3 or 4 seconds, so you will be able to quickly play the call after hanging up, so you will not have to worry unless you are in a place with a very poor internet connection. Furthermore, this app even allows you to share the resulting file in different formats depending on what you want to use the audio file for.

ACR call recorder ACR call recorder Descargar QR-Code ACR call recorder Developer: 2traces

Best Call Recorder

apps record calls

This application has a single in-app payment of less than 10 euros with which to access all its premium functions. It is capable of making unlimited recordings of both incoming and outgoing calls, being ideal for professionals in the customer service sector or carrying out business transactions or contact with bosses and/or employees. It also has an interesting self-recording function with which to improve your communication skills.

It really is a tool that can be very useful for communication professionals, especially for journalists who carry out interviews through telephone calls and later have to capture the outstanding content of said conversation on paper or in digital text, This way you won't have to worry about writing down everything that is said in the call, since you will be able to listen to it later with peace of mind.

Best Call Recorder Best Call Recorder Descargar QR-Code Best Call Recorder Developer: dictate2us Ltd

iCall call recorder


This application, like the others, requires a payment to be used, although in this case a subscription. There are several plans available to suit all types of consumers. The main features lie in being able to make incoming and outgoing recordings with a single touch, being able to easily play and share the recordings and enjoy unlimited space depending on the rate chosen, all with a very simple and intuitive interface.

This application is especially interesting for all those professionals who are dedicated to the communication sector since, as we have mentioned before, in a few seconds you can be recording the conversation without any type of complication to be able to listen to it later with peace of mind and aim with everything type of detail the most important parts of it.

iCall call recorder iCall call recorder Descargar QR-Code iCall call recorder Developer: Appitate LLC

RecMe: Call Recorder


This is one of the apps capable of saving call recordings with better quality, so it's ideal when you don't want to miss an iota of what was said during the conversation. It has multiple rates for your subscription, being able to purchase the app only for a week or month, for a year or indefinitely. Despite the fact that its interface is in English, the truth is that it is a tremendously intuitive application that is easy for anyone to use.

Another advantage that this app has over other alternatives is that you can save all the conversations within the application itself, without having to export the audio files to other locations. In the same way, you can also listen to each and every one of the recorded conversations from the app itself, so, as you can see, you won't have to use external applications to save the resulting audio file or to listen to it.

RecMe Call Recorder RecMe Call Recorder Descargar QR-Code RecMe Call Recorder Developer: Nano Trend LP

Mimik Pro: Call Recorder

Mimic Pro

This app makes recording incoming or outgoing phone calls on your iPhone really easy and intuitive. With this alternative you have the ability to record all types of calls, regardless of their duration, and the number of recordings you want to make. You will be able to easily view, filter, tag, share and download all your recordings.

When it comes to sharing them, you can do it by email, SMS, AirDrop, Google Drive and many other options. Undoubtedly, an application to keep in mind if you want to record the calls that go out and come in on your iPhone with sufficient quality and, moreover, without complicating your life, since it is a very intuitive application that will not present you with any problem when using it. and make the most of the functions that it puts on the table for the user.

Mimik Pro: Call Recorder Mimik Pro: Call Recorder Descargar QR-Code Mimik Pro: Call Recorder Developer: Kamp Inc

Other apps that do this function

Below is the link to other applications for this purpose. And these are not less good than the previous ones, they are simply less known and therefore less used. And while it is true that most of them do not have as many functions as the previous ones, in the end they offer the important thing, which is to record calls with the iPhone.

voice call recorder

voice call recorder

Do you want to record any phone call? With this application it is really simple and intuitive to be able to record everything that is said within a telephone conversation without the need to use any tool external to the iPhone. With this recorder you can record all your incoming calls in a simple way, as well as outgoing calls you can record them with a few touches thanks to the intuitive interface it has.

All the calls you make can be recorded perfectly in the application, to later share them with other devices thanks to the possibilities of exporting the generated audio files without any problem. Another of the features and functions offered by this app is to act as a recorder to use, that is, you can also record yourself to later use that file for whatever you want.

voice call recorder voice call recorder Descargar QR-Code voice call recorder Developer: BPMobile

TapeACall: Record Calls


This application has been designed and developed to record both incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone with the highest possible audio quality, with the aim that you can later listen to them again and have no difficulty listening carefully and clearly to everything. what developed during the conversation. It is also a fundamental point if what you want to do with these audio files is to share them with other people.

One of the most interesting functions offered by this app is that you will not only be able to record the calls in audio format, but it even has the possibility of transcribing the audio recordings into text, a really differential function, especially for those users who they are communication professionals and conduct interviews by phone calls and then have to capture the information in digital media or even on paper.

TapeACall: Record Calls TapeACall: Record Calls Descargar QR-Code TapeACall: Record Calls Developer: Epic Enterprises

call recorder for me

call recorder for me

Surely on many occasions you have wanted or had the need to record a call to be able to later write down in detail everything that has been said or commented on it. With this application you can do it with just a few small steps that you have to follow on your iPhone. This is really useful for many communication professionals, especially for journalists who conduct interviews through phone calls and who then have to extract the most important and relevant information to publish it in different media.

As we mentioned, with just a few taps on your iPhone you can record both outgoing and incoming calls on your iPhone with ease. You can also store them in the application itself to be able to access them at any time and above all, without the obligation of having to use another external app. That is another of the functions, the fact of being able to export the recordings to use in other apps, ideal to be able to show small parts of a conversation in a podcast, for example.

call recorder for me call recorder for me Descargar QR-Code call recorder for me Developer: Neosus

Call Recorder Voice Recorder

Call Recorder Voice Recorder

Call Recorder Voice Recorder allows you to record and listen to phone calls without any restrictions and with ease. This application is very simple, but everything that is simple is functional, useful after all. With it you can record incoming and outgoing calls with an unlimited duration, so you won't have to worry about the time you spend talking on the phone, that won't be a problem for this application that will be able to capture the entire conversation.

The interface is one of the highlights of this fantastic alternative that you have access to through the Apple app store. It is very simple and intuitive, perfect for all users to be able to use it without any problem, and designed so that both professionals and basic users can get tremendous use out of it.

Call Recorder Voice Recorder Call Recorder Voice Recorder Descargar QR-Code Call Recorder Voice Recorder Developer: Ivan Tokarenko

HD Call Recorder

Call Recorder HD is a simple app to record outgoing and incoming calls on your iPhone. Records are stored on your iPhone and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. For it to work properly, you'll need to enable your carrier's own conference calling service. This is the same as saying that different people are going to be integrated into the same call.

HD Call Recorder creates a conference call between your iPhone, your contact and its own recording service. When the conversation ends, the log is saved to your iPhone. This makes it necessary for up to three people to intervene in the same phone call. Obviously, it has different policies that try to reinforce the security around the use they make of these recordings that they make.

HD call recorder HD call recorder Descargar QR-Code HD call recorder Developer: Konstantin Terentyev

call recorder+

tape recorder

With this app you can record all kinds of calls, both incoming and outgoing, and share them on various social networks. The duration of the call will also be recorded. You can mark the notes you need within the recording, and it has an unlimited number of calls and minutes to record everything you need.

It complies with all data protection measures, and with legal compliance. It has a paid version with which you can count on many more advantages, such as more recording and editing options for a modest price per month or per year, depending on the subscription you choose.

Call Recorder VoIP


With just one click, you will be able to record incoming and outgoing calls using this app, regardless of whether it is a local or international call. There is no limit to the duration of call recording or the number of calls that can be recorded. The app also has options to mark your recordings, share them with whoever you want in MP3 format and save them on your device or in the cloud.

You will get regular updates and as a user you will have real people behind your desk to help you in case of a problem. It is a very easy to use app, so you will not have any problems learning how to use it.

What are our preferences?

Of the most popular, the one that stands out the most is Call recorder. An app that has everything that is required of an application of this type, with a simple interface that makes recording calls an easy task. Being compatible with Apple Watch offers a world of possibilities so as not to depend solely on the mobile

Regarding the rest of the applications, call recorder for me , is one of the best options. Its interface is reminiscent of a voice recorder to use, so it is not complicated to use. In addition, it is very easy to share the recordings, either to your friends through messages, save them in the cloud or download them to your phone.