There is already a date for the arrival of Dr Mario World to iOS — 2022

If there is a Nintendo classic, Pokémon sagas apart, that is Mario Bros. The popular Italian plumber has been starring in numerous video games with different themes and for different platforms for decades. Now we have been able to know the exact date on which the new Dr Mario World will arrive on our iPhone and iPad. Below we tell you all the details.

Release date of Dr Mario World for iPhone and iPad

If you're old school, you've probably played Dr Mario on Nintendo's classic Game Boy. This game has a very simple mechanics and it is that it is a kind of Tetris in which you will have to solve a series of puzzles with the ultimate goal of eliminating a terrible virus. This game It will hit the iOS App Store on July 10. , as Nintendo itself announced on Twitter.

The great asset of this Dr Mario World is the possibility that we will have to download it free on our iPhone, iPad and/or iPod touch. Within the game itself there will be a series of in-app purchases to access certain functions or obtain additional tools for those who wish to do so.

As we said, this game is based on the mythical puzzle released by Nintendo in 1990 . The colored capsules will also be the protagonists of this mobile game, which you have to place correctly according to their colors to make them disappear. All this while increasing speed and therefore increasing difficulty. Undoubtedly a very simple mechanic at the same time addictive .

Nintendo has also released a web for Dr Mario World, in which we can see several videos and information about this new game. It should be noted that pre-registration is also available from today in order to enjoy the game from the very July 10 that it officially arrives.

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