The throttling of the MacBook Pro 2018 has already been solved — 2022

Last week Apple was the target of much criticism as a result of its new MacBook Pro 2018 and the excessive temperature reached when performing a task that puts a lot of stress on the processor like 4K video editing. This problem Apple recognized it yesterday , releasing a supplemental update to macOS 10.13.6, and the first tests that have been carried out confirm that this patch fixes this performance throttling of 2018 MacBook Pros with an Intel Core i9.

The CPU of the MacBook Pro 2018 already works normally

MacWorld has been one of the trusted websites that have tested the MacBook Pro 2018 before and after the patch, clearly appreciating an improvement in the rendering time of a 4K video in Premiere as shown in the following tweet.

Looking at these results, we can see that the rendering time of a 4K video with an Intel Core i9 processor without the patch was 80 minutes and once the patch that Apple released yesterday is applied, it takes 72 minutes , appreciating a significant improvement in the performance of this processor under pressure.

If you remember, the youtuber Dave Lee was the one who started this controversy about the performance of the processors as a result of the poor ventilation of the MacBook Pro 2018. This same YouTuber has published a new video where he states that the operating system is much better after installing this patch, ending this controversy.

Us we applaud that Apple has been so quick to release such an effective solution, setting an example for other companies that unfortunately do not have this commitment to their users. In any case, we hope that these Macs will not be in the news again due to any failure in their architecture or software and if they have a very good performance.

Leave us in the comment box what you think that Apple has solved this problem so quickly with its latest Macs.