The teen who hacked into Apple servers actually downloaded 1TB of data — 2022

A month ago we commented on Apple5x1 the news of a boy who managed to get into the servers apple for Download user information. Initially we believed that it had only managed to download 90 GB of secure files, but now it has been discovered that actually got much more information , although we hope that there is no data of personal information as they try to maintain from the Cupertino company.

Australian teen manages to download 1TB of data from Apple

Bloomberg reported today that this young hacker he was 16 years old when he hacked apple servers, and that is why we cannot know his name since Australian law protects the anonymity of minors.

padlock vulnerability

the australian court has issued 8 months of provisional freedom for this young man , although we are facing a serious, sustained and sophisticated case according to one of the magistrates, that is, it was not a childish act but a totally prepared and intentional act. Surely the boy's goal was draw apple's attention to be able to work with them, since companies normally hire those people who manage to violate their security to cover all these holes in their system.

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