iMessages syncing to iCloud is a reality, but you have to activate it manually — 2022

Thanks to the new version of the iOS system, specifically 11.4, it is finally possible to synchronize iMessages via iCloud . Although this was already provisional, he withdrew due to some problems. But now yes, it works perfectly. With this new feature, we can finally have a conversation in our iPhone and continue it in Mac o iPad without any problems. Something that is absolutely normal in other messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

With iCloud message sync, if you delete a message on one of your iPhones (or any other compatible device), it's automatically deleted on all your other devices. If we restore a copy from security , now the messages will also do it, but for this, we have to activate it manually.

Turn on iMessages in iCloud

By default, this option is disabled in iOS 11.4 , so if we want to sync all our messages, we have to activate it through settings. The procedure is really simple. Simply, we have to follow the following Steps :

  • Go into Settings
  • Click on your Apple ID
  • Go into iCloud
  • Markthe message box

Ready. So fast and easy . From now on, all your messages will be synchronized on all devices and will keep a backup along with the other services (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes...). Remember that this step has to be done on the other devices manually. Obviously you have to firstset up iMessage on iPhonethrough options outside of iCloud. In this way you cansync messages from iPhone to Mac.

iMessage is a good option to communicate through the Messenger service snapshot , although it is true that it still does not offer as many options as other apps can. For basic use, with the best integration with iOS devices and with exclusive functions such as Animoji , has no rival.

Although it is true that the volume of users is still low compared to the other options, little by little the number of these is growing at a considerable rate. Perhaps, now with the integration of iCloud , the number of users of iMessages grow up

How about iMessages? Do you usually use it daily? What would you add to iMessages?