The Sims will arrive at the App Store with an improved version closer to the computer version — 2022

Based on the number one PC game franchise of all time, The Sims Mobile on iPhonewill bring a new and excitinggameplay and endless possibilities . Thanks to this new game from EA, you can enjoy some unexpected moments full of surprise (and the occasional mischief).

The Sims, more than a real life simulator

For all those people who don't know what this game is all about, it's all about fulfilling your Sims' destinies and making their wishes come true. Bathing them, sleeping, cooking, partying, socializing … all with your own characters. You will have to create and customize the appearance and personality of The Sims, and then take them out of the house, the neighborhood, etc. with all new games and levels open. The best thing about the game is that these worlds can also be customized.

The Sims is a real life simulation game in which you can customize practically everything as we told you before. From dressing your characters, building your own houses or properties, buying the decoration objects you want to introduce in your properties, engaging in conversations and relationships with other Sims, and so on. endless possibilities . The limits of this game are set by you.

The Sims Mobile coming soon to iOS

The developers of EA (Electronic Arts Software) owners of this famous game saga announced a new game for iOS and Android, The Sims Mobile .

This new game is designed to get the most out of our Sims, directly from our iPhone. Although we can also download it in our Fifth generation iPad and iPod touch as it will be available for iOS and Android devices.

The Sims Mobile will bring news for iOS

Thanks to this new game, The Sims will arrive at the App Store with an improved version that is closer to the computer version. Unlike its previous versions, this new game will offer more possibilities within the game itself, more customization, but the most important thing is that you will have more fun for all players directly from your iOS device.

We will be aware of possible news in the development of this game, so I recommend you to be aware of possible news on our website. Let's remember that The Sims is one of the games that raises the most money worldwide. This is due to the great community of gamers that he has behind him, for many years. We also remind you that there are otheralternatives to The Sims for mobile.