The secrets hidden in the invitation to the new Apple event — 2022

Yesterday, the celebration of a special event by Apple was officially confirmed for next Tuesday the 15th. Streaming event given the current health circumstances, but an event nonetheless. The fact that in this month the traditionalannouncement of the new iPhoneIt gave wings to the idea that this day the iPhone 12 could be known, although this is practically ruled out knowing that the iPad, Apple Watch and some other surprises will be the protagonists. However, there are details in the logo of this keynote that could be clear Easter Eggs (easter eggs) in the face of what they will announce.

A colored Apple logo, with an Apple Pencil?

Apple never leaves anything to chance in its event invitations and/or logos. For example, for the presentation of the iPhone 11, it launched a logo with various colors that finally represented the new range of colors of these devices. This same year we saw an invitation to WWDC 2020 in which Macs were the clear protagonists and not in vain macOS Big Sur and the announcement of the company's new processors were the main protagonists of this broadcast. Therefore, on this occasion we could not ignore the fact of finding an invitation with such a characteristic logo.

Apple Event 2020

That the blue color is predominant left some speculation at the beginning related to the rumored new iPhone in blue. This was automatically ruled out when the main analysts and Apple gurus warned that this event would not be to present the new phones. So what can it mean? It is really difficult to analyze it and possibly each person can make their own interpretation of it. He suggests to us some Apple Pencil strokes , which would be related to the new iPad and who knows if with the new compatibility of the iPad Air 2020 with the brand's second-generation stylus, something more than likely in a device that is going to be completely renewed in terms of design it means. On the other hand, there are those who say that something related to breathing, to oxygen, inspires them. Perhaps this part is more interpretive, but it doesn't really unravel and could also be linked to the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the rumored possibility ofmeasure blood oxygen with Apple Watch.

The surprise of the logo with Augmented Reality

When you visit the Apple event web page, the information regarding this event and, of course, the aforementioned logo appear. If you have a device with iOS or iPadOS 13 and later and click on this logo you will see that an augmented reality viewer opens in which this logo appears in motion forming the apple and the date of the event in US format, 9-15. Remember the small spot with which Apple promotes this event, as the company's own Marketing Vice President showed on his Twitter account.

It is still a minor detail in the end, but it is very striking and curious for those who want to try it. Despite the fact that Apple is very focused on progressing in the area of ​​​​augmented reality, see the LiDAR sensor of the iPad Pro and the possible iPhone 12 Pro, this in principle should not mean any progress on what we will see next Tuesday. In fact, it is usual for Apple to have these details on its website, as happened with the launch of the Mac Pro 2019, the iPhone 11 Pro or the renewed iPad Pro 2020, which could be visible in our house with this technology.

And to you, what does this September Apple Event logo suggest to you? You can tell us in the comment box.