The second season of Servant already has a premiere date — 2022

Servant is back. Or almost. The Cupertino company announced that the popular psychological thriller will return to Apple TV + this January. Thissecond season of servantwill again be made up of 10 episodes in which suspense and even terror will continue to be present under the seal of M. Night Shyamalan . Below we tell you all the details that are known so far about these new episodes.

Servant return date

Apple has announced that the January 15, 2021 will make its viewers vibrate again with the premiere of the first chapter of the second season. And yes, we have said first because not all will be issued at once . We will have to wait week after week to know the progress of the plot and again Fridays will be the days they are broadcast. If you are a lover of marathons this is bad news, but if you like to comment on series, Servant is one of the ones that can generate the most theories when it comes to weekly intrigues.

1x05 servant

Second season plot

SPOILER WARNING: The following lines could contain spoilers for the first season of the series, so we do not recommend you continue reading if you have not yet seen the 10 episodes broadcast to date.

If we look back, Servant left many unknowns in the viewer. Who is Leanne really? During the first season we were able to witness her strange personality. She from her addiction to dinner she always tomato soup to resurrecting insects, without neglecting the curses with bible in hand that she provoked around her. In the tenth episode we saw her join her also strange uncle and another group of mysterious people to later disappear as if by magic. She Is she really dead she? What kind of being is she?

In this second season there is talk of a supernatural twist , so we can already make many guesses about what can happen. It is said that Leanne has returned to the Turner house and that she will begin to reveal her true origin as the future grows darker. She will undoubtedly give us the odd jump and more than one will have a hard time sleeping at night. In any case, they say that scabies gladly doesn't itch, and the truth is that Servant has set the level very high and we are already eager to see his progress.