The second Apple Store in Mexico is already under construction in the capital itself — 2022

We all thought that Apple's expansion in Latin American countries had stopped, but the truth is very different. As Xataka México has learned today, the Cupertino company would have already begun to build the second Apple Store in Mexico, located in the capital itself. In addition to being able to verify the beginning of construction, it has been observed that the works are very advanced and above all, the location of this second Apple store in Mexico is already known.

The second Apple Store in Mexico is already under construction

According to the data published by this medium, the new Apple Store will be located in the Polanco district near the mall Between Fashion Mall. Some reports pointed out that it would be located within this enclosure but it will be a totally independent store next to the shopping center.

New Apple Store Mexico

The design of this Apple Store is very similar to that seen in other recently built buildings such as in California or Taiwan. Dispose of single storey with a flat roof and rounded corners to be able to have a large space at the end to offer a pleasant experience to the company's customers.

As we say, this is the second Apple Store that Mexico will have, being the first only 14 km , in Santa Fe that opened its doors in 2016 and that covers the outskirts of the capital. In this case they wanted to be present in a very touristy neighborhood and in the center of the city so that there is a greater influx of people due to its proximity.

We do not know any kind of opening date although seeing how the works are going, we could predict that we will see it open before the end of 2019. What we think is that Apple should also focus its expansion on other Latin American countries that seem to be a little more abandoned, surely because sales are not very high due to the high price of the products as a result of the currency exchange.

We will be waiting for any news regarding this new opening that has surely made more than one Mexican reader happy.