The Samsung Galaxy S10 + would not exceed the power of the iPhone XS — 2022

We are just a few days away from knowing, officially, the new Samsung Galaxy S10+. A device that despite the fact that it has not yet been presented, most of its characteristics are already known in addition to the design and even the price. To all these data today we must add a supposed AnTuTu that they have made where it is shown that this new S10 + cannot with the power of the iPhone XS and XS Max that were presented almost half a year ago.

The new Samsung S10 + would not reach the power of the A12 chip

The iPhone are highly recognized for the processing power they have, being u not one of the most powerful devices on the market . We all expected Samsung to hit the table with the new generation of its Galaxy range in terms of power, but the truth is that He has given it half.

In an alleged AnTuTu that has been released in recent hours, it is seen that an alleged Samsung Galaxy S10+ would have had a score of 326,185, improving 20% ​​compared to the S9+. On Geekbench it gets a score of 4450 in single-core and 9753 points in multi-core.

Without a doubt, these data are incredibly good, there can be no doubt, and if we compare them with those obtained by other Android devices, it is positioned as the absolute king in power. The 'problem' comes when compared to the iPhone presented last year where the tables turn and it is appreciated that can't get over them so it could not hold the most powerful mobile title on the market.

It is quite curious to see that a high-end device presented after the iPhone XS and XS Max has not surpassed it in power in theory. This lets us see that the A12 chip is amazing and ages wonderfully well. As we can see in these images, these analyzed equipment would have Samsung's own chip, the Exynos 9820.

If it is true that These data will be confirmed on February 20 when the new test S10+ begin to arrive in the different media. This data is 'provisional' we could say, but when a device already has all the characteristics exposed, this type of data gains a lot of strength.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of the new Samsung high-end for this 2019 do not exceed the power of the iPhone XS and XS Max, did you expect it?