The price hike of the iPhone 13: this could cost — 2022

Like a jug of cold water, the latest leak of the iPhone 13 has sat. We have been seeing for several years that theiPhone priceIt has not increased in its base and even months ago it was already taken for granted that this year's models would continue along the same path. However, a recent report from Digitimes points to the opposite. We expand all the details in this post.

Why will the price of the iPhone go up?

As we said before, in these months there have been hardly any reports regarding the possible price of the iPhone 13. The little that there was indicated that they would remain identical to those of the current ones. We recall that at this time the iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max have prices of 809, 909, 1,159 and 1,259 euros respectively. Prices that, looking at previous years, did not represent an increase in their day.

However, the industry behind the components for mobile devices is going through a bad time due to the shortage of components, something that has made increase manufacturing costs . Apple, which seemed to be one of the few that would not be affected, will see its mobile devices reach the market on time, but not at the same cost as in previous years. Mainly due to TSMC, the supplier of microprocessors and that is already producing the A15 chips that the new iPhone will mount. Between theDifferences that exist between the A15 and A14 chipthese costs are ultimately caused to increase.


This is how the prices of the iPhone 13 could be

It must be said that, based on what they say from Digitimes, it would not be a very severe increase . They say that it would mean an increase in between 3 and 5% compared to the current ones. Making an average calculation, we can already intuit approximate prices for the most basic models of each range, finding ourselves with this panorama:

  • iPhone 13 mini: €859
  • iPhone 13: €959
  • iPhone 13 Pro: €1,199
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: €1,299

We insist on emphasizing that these prices have not been confirmed or by the means that have given this information and much less by Apple. This is an approximation that we have made based on the percentages that are discussed and the marketing techniques that Apple uses when setting its prices, so on average we have estimated an increase of 50 euros for each model.

possible iphone 13 pro colors

Apple has not commented on the matter. They never comment on rumors before the presentation and in this case it was not going to be less and more when it comes to something as relevant to the public as the price. In any case, the information that has become known does not seem to be very misguided, given the veracity of the facts that they comment on in reference to the drivers' industry. In fact, we must remember that Digitimes has direct sources with many of the main manufacturers.

Therefore, if you were waiting for these iPhones to come out to get one of them, you will have to save a little more. We remind you that the official presentation will take place, except for a major surprise, next September. It will be then when we can already know for sure what is the price to pay for these smartphones.